Costume Appeal

Be a part of securing a greener future at the Royal Opera House by donating to our Costume Appeal.

Costume being altered © Sim Canetty-Clarke/ROH 2012
Costume being altered © Sim Canetty-Clarke/ROH 2012

Our Costume Appeal has always been vital in supporting our costume workshops. Your support ensures all of our performers are able to step out onto our stage in world-class costumes that can withstand the unique conditions of performing at the Royal Opera House.  

The role of our costume teams, however, has taken on an additional focus as we work towards achieving our sustainability goals. In particular, our Costume Workshops are playing an important part in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. The work they do maintaining and adapting costumes extends their longevity, reducing both the need for new costumes to be made and the impact of our productions on the environment.  

Creating sustainable productions requires an investment of time and effort. Please consider giving to the Costume Appeal today and play a vital part in helping the Royal Opera House reach our sustainability goals.

£20 could replace a set of buttons to give an old jacket a new lease of life

£50 could replace the silk sleeve puffs on Juliet’s Nursery dress so it can continue to be worn

£105  could revive the colour of 20 pairs of Romeo’s old tights in our Dye Workshop

£250 could refurbish the maid's dresses from The Marriage of Figaro by making replacement lace collars and cotton cuffs

£500  could help towards replacing the black crystal encrusted tulle skirt worn by the Countess Almaviva in Act 3


You can make a donation online, or by contacting our Fundraising team.

On behalf of all of us here at the Royal Opera House, thank you so much for your support. 

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