Name a seat

Celebrate your or a loved one’s enjoyment of the work of The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera by naming a seat.

Each seat named will have a smart brass plaque bearing the message of your choice. The plaque will be fixed to your chosen seat in our Main Auditorium or the Linbury Theatre and remains in place for a generation (25 years), commemorating the named person’s love for extraordinary performances long into the future.

Once you have named your seat, we will invite you to view the seat and enjoy a backstage tour with your friends and family.

Support the work of the Royal Opera House

Naming a seat supports the future of ballet, opera, dance and music. Thank you to all of our generous supporters who have already named their seats to celebrate their time with the Royal Opera House.

My wife Georgie organised a surprise evening for my 50th birthday. I was taken to the Royal Opera House and ushered through stage door to explore the backstage areas. What I wasn’t ready for was the revelation that my wife had secured a name plate in honour of my parents.

It is a wonderful memorial and it always gives me comfort to know that whatever the performance, whatever the day, whatever the audience, their names are celebrated in the building they both loved the most. The surprise was deeply moving and generous – the best gift anyone has ever given me.

Gerald McMorrow – Seat B45 in the Balcony

I have seen such wonderful operas from my seat and it brings me so much joy knowing that my seat will always be there when I cannot be.

Hazel Fillery – A67 in the Amphitheatre

Seat prices

Seat prices start from £1,000 and depend on the location of the seat you choose.

Main Auditorium
  • Amphitheatre rows S–L: £1,000
  • Amphitheatre rows K–A: £1,500
  • Balcony: £3,000
  • Donald Gordon Grand Tier: £10,000
  • Stalls Circle: £5,000
  • Orchestra Stalls rows F–W: £7,000
  • Orchestra Stalls rows A–E: £10,000
Main Auditorium Standing
  • Amphitheatre and Slips: £500
  • Balcony: £1,000
  • Stalls Circle: £1,500
Linbury Theatre
  • Upper circle: £2,500
  • Circle centre: £5,000
  • Circle (row B sides): £1,000
  • Stalls: £5,000
  • Stalls (rows AA & BB): £1,000

Standing room spaces will be acknowledged with a plaque on the floor in the space in question. Standing areas are identified by the red bars on the map, with spaces available to name being indicated by the grey numbers above the bars.

Seat maps

To name a seat, check the seat maps for availability. Seats are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact the Fundraising Campaigns team

Find out more about naming a seat in our auditorium by contacting our Fundraising Campaigns team.

Please note: Naming a seat does not include admission to individual performances or events or guarantee allocation of that seat for a particular performance.

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