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Discover Dance

National Dance Company Wales Discover Dance is a participatory event for families that includes an opportunity to try some dance with the company before a performance.

Most recent performance

There are currently no scheduled performances of Discover Dance. It was last on stage 8–10 March 2019 as part of the Winter 2018/19 season.


National Dance Company Wales is an award-winning company presenting work by some of the most celebrated international choreographers alongside creations by exciting new Wales-based talent. The company returns to the Royal Opera House with two dates of Discover Dance and two performances of Awakening.

Discover Dance is a fun and relaxed interactive performance. Try some dance, then watch the professionals in action. The first half of the show is an introduction to dance, leading the audience through a dancer’s typical day, joining in with warm-up exercises and some creative dance.

In the second half the dancers perform Caroline Finn’s Revellers’ Mass. In this piece, featuring curious choreography inspired by iconic paintings, an unlikely group gather for a dinner party and etiquette is put to the test.

Discover Dance is presented alongside performances of Awakening, a mixed programme of three unique dances. Fernando Melo’s Afterimage is a unique theatrical experience, using a mixture of mirrors and creative dance. Caroline Finn’s Revellers’ Mass gathers an unlikely group for a dinner party where etiquette is put to the test, featuring curious choreography inspired by iconic paintings. Tundra, by Marcos Morau, is an ultra-modern retelling of history books.