About advance booking packages

A package allows you to buy discounted tickets to multiple performances across a range of productions in a single purchase.

You can secure tickets for the most in-demand performances and choose from the best seats. By booking in advance you can save up to 20% depending on the package you buy.

Types of packages

There are two types of packages:

Design Your Own

Mix and match tickets to at least three opera and ballet productions in the booking period

Total Ballet / Total Opera

Buy tickets to all of the operas or ballets in the booking period (subject to availability)

You must buy the same number of tickets for every performance you choose as part of the package.


Packages enable you to save from 5% to 20% on the total cost, depending on which package you choose.

Buy tickets as part of a package
How to buy packages

Packages are only available online and by telephone. Packages cannot be bought in person at the Box Office.

Packages onsale dates

Premium 2, Premium 1, Supporting Friends and Friends+ can buy packages on the same day as their usual booking period onsale days.

Friends and General bookers can buy packages in the week before the General booking period onsale day.

Performance dates included in Packages

For most productions all of the performance dates will be available, but there will be occasional productions where some performances or packages are unavailable.

Available seats

You can choose from two locations when booking a package: Orchestra Stalls (including the Stalls Circle) or the Amphitheatre.

You can choose any seats within the available price types and sections. You can select your own seat or use the 'best available' option.

Ticket limits

There is a ticket limit of up to nine tickets per performance. There are no limits on the number of packages you can buy.

Buy extra tickets for a performance

You can buy extra tickets for one performance through the standard ticket purchase process.

Please be aware that package purchases contribute to your ticket limits in the standard ticket purchase process and so you should buy the extra tickets first.

Attend multiple performances of the same production

You cannot buy multiple performances for a production within one package. However, you can buy multiple packages and choose different performances of the same production.

Exchange tickets bought as part of a package

Our usual exchange policy applies to packages. Exchanges are subject to availability and Box Office conditions apply.

Contact us

For further information about packages please contact the Box Office using the Contact us form or email boxoffice@roh.org.uk