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Watch: Edward Watson dances to Debussy's Clair de lune

The Royal Ballet Principal dancer in a hypnotic film created by Beauty Papers, directed by Laurence Ellis.

By Mel Spencer (Senior Editor (Social Media))

28 June 2017 at 3.25pm | 37 Comments

Edward Watson, Principal Dancer with The Royal Ballet, has been captured in a new film created by Beauty Papers.

Accompanied by Debussy's solo piano piece, Clair de lune, played by former Jette Parker Young Artist Colin J. Scott, the work is choreographed by Principal Character Artist of The Royal Ballet, Alastair Marriott.

The film switches between wide shots of the rehearsal space and close-ups of Watson's face and body, magnifying the intimacy of his facial expressions and highlighting his physical strength.

Published to coincide with the third issue of the magazine, the film is part of an ongoing discussion on the nature of beauty in society today, particularly in the context of male beauty.

Edward Watson will be performing at The Royal Opera House in The Judas Tree from 24 October–1 November 2017 and The Wind from 16–17 November 2017.

By Mel Spencer (Senior Editor (Social Media))

28 June 2017 at 3.25pm

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This article has 37 comments

  1. Edward Arckless responded on 28 June 2017 at 4:59pm Reply

    Just so good and wonderfull to see that it is set in the time from 1900 to 2017 .with Mr. Edward Watson well what can you say bliss. Edward Arckless.

  2. Dan responded on 28 June 2017 at 6:18pm Reply


  3. Donna responded on 28 June 2017 at 7:01pm Reply

    sublime art. thank you, love from Cape Town

  4. Emanuella bailey responded on 28 June 2017 at 8:11pm Reply

    Exquisite is the word that sprang to mind !

  5. Claudia responded on 28 June 2017 at 10:43pm Reply

    Wow. It's been a long time since I saw something so beautiful.

  6. Susan findlater responded on 28 June 2017 at 11:38pm Reply

    Quite stunning
    Such a beautiful piece of music and Edward Watson wow!!

  7. Jill Newton responded on 29 June 2017 at 7:33am Reply

    [This comment has been edited as per our community guidelines]
    Very beautiful and enchanting, but could we please have a version without all the close ups? They really break the flow of what one is watching. I don't need to see a close up of his collar bones when I could see the grace of the whole man.

    • Edward Arckless responded on 29 June 2017 at 8:59pm

      I do not think that you understand dance and can not see befor your nose. What is going on is à wonderfull thank you to us all.). have you never been on a stage in your life. this is going back to 1900 untill to day . and you do not see this.( pity on you. Edward Arckless. I will love to see a dancer from France or Germany do this but we have only one Edward Watson.

    • Claudia responded on 30 June 2017 at 6:15pm

      I for one loved this opportunity to see some of the microscopic details which I can't appreciate by watching from a distance! Some of the movements of his back, seen close up? Simply breath-taking.

    • Tony Newcombe responded on 22 August 2017 at 3:57pm

      Take a trip to Leeds on 3rd September and see it live

  8. Sara responded on 29 June 2017 at 8:56am Reply

    Amazing ❤️Dance with incredible lightness

  9. Thomas Fitzpatrick responded on 29 June 2017 at 9:13am Reply

    Brilliantly directed.

  10. Caro Rand responded on 29 June 2017 at 8:45pm Reply

    Just beautiful - Ed Watson is the most lyrical dancer I've ever seen and imbues everything he does with so much feeling.

  11. Jacky Parker responded on 29 June 2017 at 9:44pm Reply

    Stunning. He moves in empathy with the music like he is floating on the wind and moonlight. Every sinew of his body is in tune and dancing. absolutely moving.

  12. penelope simpson responded on 29 June 2017 at 10:05pm Reply

    Shockingly awful camera work. This is DANCE, not an after-shave advert

  13. Lyn Liles responded on 30 June 2017 at 3:12pm Reply

    Stunningly beautiful

  14. Patricia Berry responded on 10 July 2017 at 8:33am Reply

    I found this piece so frustrating. Beautiful dancing (I imagine) which we could not see because of 'clever' camera work and close ups of EW's rib cage and nostrils.What a waste.

  15. Lucía responded on 4 August 2017 at 3:28pm Reply

    Thank you very much Edward for your incredible art.

    I am very touched when I see you dancing.

    Thanks forever,


  16. Flora responded on 22 August 2017 at 1:38pm Reply

    Agree totally about close up filming. It doesn't show the beauty of dance. Very poor producers performance!!!!

  17. Katrina responded on 22 August 2017 at 1:40pm Reply

    Wow! And breathe! One of my favourite dancers performing to one of my favourite composers.

  18. Mary Maher responded on 22 August 2017 at 1:59pm Reply

    So effortless and wonderful. THANK YOU!

  19. Clare Coleman responded on 22 August 2017 at 3:11pm Reply

    Wonderful. And, with the close-ups, different costumes and atmospheres, an interesting contribution to the discussion. Thank you.

  20. Fatima responded on 22 August 2017 at 4:26pm Reply

    So beautiful and delicate. It could d with less close ups.

  21. sarah responded on 22 August 2017 at 7:13pm Reply

    such grace and elegance - what wonderful quality of movement - beauty of rare and exquisite form the movements in the back are so wonderful to see thank you for sharing this masterpiece

  22. Barbara responded on 23 August 2017 at 4:27am Reply

    Exquisite. Lovely to see the male form in classic expression outside of the standard repertoire. You who would denounce this... I can't even.

  23. Regina Celia Almeida responded on 23 August 2017 at 11:16am Reply

    I like this dancer , his interpretation is super.
    Congratulations Edward Watson!

  24. Melanie Domb responded on 24 August 2017 at 7:38am Reply

    Ed is a wonderful dancer. Although I Enjoy the close ups, I'd reallynjustblike to watch the whole piece from the same angle without all the change of clothes and without alkbthe jumping backwards and forwards.

  25. Sylvie responded on 25 August 2017 at 7:21am Reply

    he shines like the moon... we could see from his body, le clair de lune

  26. susanne stowell responded on 25 August 2017 at 3:09pm Reply

    will this wonderful film of Ed Watson be put on to Facebook ? I do hope so.

  27. Jennifer responded on 2 September 2017 at 6:02am Reply

    The video does a disservice to the dancer when many of the shots are close-ups of body parts instead of the whole dancer. I do not want to see macro shots of his adam's apple or nipple when I'm supposed to be watching his dancing. And too many of the shots showing his full body are obscured by contrived white lines (noise? the equivalent of scratching noises on an old record?). Although his dancing is wonderful, the video is quite disappointing.

  28. Seems the videographer wanted the piece to be about his shots and disregarded the actual dance. Some shots were even blurred out. To many bare chest and arm pit close ups and not enough full shots of the dancer. I enjoyed the dance when I could actually watch it.

  29. Tessa Morgan responded on 26 March 2018 at 12:32pm Reply

    Sublime......the muscular deliniation is pure beauty & the dance skills perfect interpretive expression....thank you Edward.

  30. Berghino responded on 26 March 2018 at 9:45pm Reply

    Une parole s'envole ...danceur sublime

  31. Peter Easson responded on 26 March 2018 at 10:46pm Reply

    Beautiful music wonderfully played and heard clearly throughout. Mr Watson is a sublime artist, emotive and technically superb. Sadly the grace and combined beauty of music and dance was spoiled by the contrived manner of editing the film.
    I hope one day to be able to watch the piece in its entirety. I imagine it would transport me to another realm.

  32. Maria Teresa responded on 27 March 2018 at 12:24am Reply

    Wonderful ! Simply amazing !
    Thank you Edward to let us dream with Clair de Lune!

  33. Emma responded on 27 March 2018 at 10:36am Reply

    A brilliant dancer and exquisite music but why all the close-ups? We want to see the dancing not all that skin.

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