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Twitter Opera: All the latest tweets

By Royal Opera House

12 August 2009 at 6.21pm | Comment on this article

Hans:  "My trusty cape is not enough, I seek wings like these feathered beasts to make a truely valiant and heroic ascent

William snatches the wings from one of the birds and presents them to Hans: "Here, may in death, they spare your life"

The birds begin to circle Hans, slowly lifting him, singing "twee twee twee tweeter"

The cat may be cursed and speaks in lyrical verse but now the question remains will he ever be the same?

Cat: "However, should a bird Tweet at the doorway of thou, I shall endeavour to make it its last tweet a long and hollow sound for thou."

[ASPIRING TOREADOR makes grandiose entrance, trips on cape, falls off stage, and dies.]

William: "The wind separates our voices. Our cry's set sail absently, to weigh anchor untold. What was spoken lay wistful, longing for home"

...meanwhile back at the lab The Woman With No Name sings soulful aria of conflict and desire...

"Come hither light upon my skin, follow me into the darkness of love and transcendence, sing me a song of truth & light enduring"

chorus of magical birds chirp along: we are here to help you tweet,tweet,tweets are all we ask ...

The Woman With No Name aka ibis <mezzo sop> "I love the one who loves the other, I do what I must to help my brother..."<William is her brother!>

"What when the birds would stop tweeting at this blue sky? We would sing on our own why could that happen, why, why?"

[ASPIRING TOREADOR returns from dead, demonstrates swordplay to ill effect.]

Cat: Yet will I be a lion too/Roaring through this fray and flutter/Courage 'o courage I muster/Words 'o words I utter

Hans: Oh where, oh where is my trusted sword. I will look beyond the portal to seek it.

Ginger cat: "Come hither all you birds up high and create a living cape to fly him to the sky."

[ASPIRING TOREADOR returns in an unfortunate attempt to sing.] 

Cat: Could I startle the birds to trick them? Would they fly upwards and catch Hans as he jumps from his window?

Hans throws himself off the tower and lands on trampoline carried by passing itinerant circus.

Circus sword swallower sings: A sword? You seek a sword? So do I. Let me tell you all about it...

Circus Sword Swallower: When I were abroad, I swallowed a sword, the finest one in all the land...

But I can't afford a similar sword now that I've joined this itinerant band...

The birds begin to lift William but are distracted by reappearance of ASPIRING TOREADOR, and their claws begin to slip

William falls upon ASPIRING TOREADOR, crushing him to death and sparing him the embarrassment of singing.

Birds: "With cat-like tread or black crow stealth, William might soar to freedom & wealth"

"But in his way stood walls thick and strong, too tall to be conquered by hope or with song"

[ASPIRING TOREADOR returns to life at the sound of a line that rhymes! Joy!]

Woman With No Name (aria): "And the birds they twitter, twitter, twitter, but what they say will soon be revealed"

Birds: See, how in the wings and just beyond vision, the director labors in vain. Our will is the whim of myriad minds. Ascend!

Attention! Attention! Attention! Ascend! Attention! Attention! Attention! Ascend!

Only when the Cat has awaken, shall the true meaning of the birds twits be heard

For only then can the cloak of banality of their tweets be destroyed and the truth be revealed.

Birds: There is nothing so important as the sound of who and what we are. Attention! Ascend!

H cries "Is this is all a bet for the Gods"?

cat cont: for onwards I go with this song, until a hairball rises to touch my tonge, then I will cough and hurl,

Birds: Our peregrinations are guided by a wandering star. Attention! Ascend!

cat cont: entangled within shall be a pearl

Birds: The Director consults his book our lines have changed, the story's rooked.

Birds: We move together, loosely bound, our flock's center cannot be found.

An idea, an idea forsaken, an idea mistaken or an idea awakened? You choose my love the path of your own creativity, the road of

Birds: Our eyes, our wings, our splendid beaks, your songs we sing, your dreams we speak.

Bird: I just ate the most delicious sandwich!

Birds: I know! I know!

Bird: This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Birds: I know! I know!

Bird: I can't stop singing!

Birds: I know! I know!

Birds: Follow me! Follow me! Follow me! Follow me! Ascend!

(the Birds move about the stage randomly, then coalesce, then swarm around all)

Birds: Sing to us your dreams and we'll know! Is there anything more important than the knowledge that we know?

Birds: Though we speak in pidgin context as our compass needle spins, it's true we also listen to the dreams borne on the wind.

Oh to be a bird, to get heard at the Opera House/Oh no not an IT nerd/surfing in a cultural no mans land/BANG BANG BANG BANG

I look onto the sky. the red light scans the world of love. all can be seen from above.

Look out for the birds birds birds biiirrrrds.

"the steps to the key, lie within me". William needs silence from the birds to harness a plan.

The cat looking intently at the birds cannot supress his instincts any longer,majestically crawls towards the feathered fiends.

"And the bluebirds will remain my friends, when I fight you to the death"

"If only the sun didn't burn as much as my desire to find the Sword I could have noticed what was wrong with William!"

Cat sings "I shall silence these birds with one single pounce, I wont need a second bounce mmm delicious flights of fancy"

The light is turned down low, and a single cold spotlight illuminates Cat. "Look at the bird of freedom. Of freedom. Of freedom"

Hans announces that ASPIRING TOREADOR is his evil half brother WOLFGANG and therefore cannot die (gasp: stage left)

The Cat: I'll gather my friends and hiss at the birds. A glimpse of our claws are louder than words. Don't worry, freedom is near

ASPIRING TOREADOR looks confused. But then again, he always does.

whoever you are, wherever you be, we trust that this opera ends soon happily

O Delme (sic), o dolce, what sweet, sweet justice is this...

[the birds' improvised cadenza says:] "We'll BE composing while they're DE-composing!"

To the cat's conspiring soliloquy "Lo, like a Cheshire cat fart our court will grin when we silence birds and quash their din!"

Hans begins to look unwell, could it be that he is allergic to cats?! ASPIRING TOREADOR sneezes.

'This lonely place has played its part in the gentle keeping of time'

Unfortunately for Hans the birds are watching every move he makes.

Your name? But no, I've merely used your Twitter handle, sweet @Esmerelda, don't you recall? . . . "

" . . . For as all know, until the curse is lifted, you are she-who-shall-remain-nameless!" 

"Vendetta,vendetta!" the cats cry, angered by the spurning from Hans and ASPIRING TOREADOR. French horns begin.

Cat (coloratura cadenza): "What a catastrophe! I have a sinking feline!"

Birds: "in a lot of ways they fly, to a lot of places they go, the whistles they blow remind me of that dream. Where I was flying also"

And the voices (chorus) warned, "A wet bird never flies at night."

Ceiling- & basement cat sing 2 the birds: This day it is / To show them we are 1 / From Earth and Sky / For them 2 die / ...

Tweet it out / So they can hear / Their game is up / Their end is here / It’s LOVE! they say / ...

... And yet we know / It’s lust they feel / It’s LIES they speak.

the birds die of a puzzling poisoning and they sing "Now we die, now we die, we wanted to save the world" (Chor C-E-Dis-Cluster)

Eight birds fly in, carrying fail-whale; whale sings: "Yiying Lu! Yiying Lu! You are what you tweet".

And Hans says: "Oh, i suoi uccelli, i suoi rapitori rapito l'inesorabile morte" (Choir: "The poisoned birds ate themselves")

Basement cat drank potion which was intended for the birds and fades (slowly) into its death. Ceiling cat (from above):

Oh! Don’t cry / Don’t give a tear / Don’t sigh / Oh! Feel no fear / It is now that you become / It is now that we will be 1

Let me take you from soil and dust / From hunger and fight / Don’t fear / Oh! Don’t sigh / Let me take you up /

Lift you to the sky / Where you will be free

Birds (chorus) chip in:

Free to soar / Free to fly / Free to roam / Free to fly / Up here we are 1 ---

Basement cat (dying): All is lost. All is won.

Cat sings: Four and twenty blackbirds, feed them up with rye. Catch them at your window, bake them in a pie

[Suddenly, and with great disappointment in humanity, the crowd realizes that this marks the end of an age; cerebrums, all dead.]

Try to do right, flee from evil deed. But yet, we ends far down the human soul's deep pit. Sorrow and shame, and haunting dread!

Chorus to Basement Cat: "Up, up, to the Heaviside Layer / Earthly desires shall pain you no more / ..

Chorus to Basement Cat: "... Quenched is the doom of eternal fire / Blessed reunion awaits on the shore"

A CATastrophe, catastrophe without birds or cats the lovers' fate rests in humanity, in humanity (repeats 3 times)

Basement cat reappears in shining raiment w/ @Ceiling_Cat: "I was cast out, cast down, despised/ I called the Earth my only home/

"But now a new dawn clears my eyes / I never more shall be alone!"

When pigs do fly, these birds will cry, and forever more leave torture to the devil. Bring me a pig!

Hans, looking for the mythical fishsword, is confronted by strong headwinds, fog, blowing leafs, the lot. Suddenly, ...

The woman-with-no-name’s voice engulfs him, literally, from all sides. Not in song, however...

"My voice is yours / My heart not mine / The birds have spoken / William will die."

Run to the end of time / Flight for your lovers life / The birds have spoken / The sword is a lie.

Hans! / Hear my cry! / Hans! / No star can guide you / No love give light / The birds have spoken / All there is is night.

Hans is overcome with despair at the loss of his nemesis Basement Cat: "wail!" (x3). William looks on impassively.

William considers the cost such a potion would entail, the loss of his humanity for to understand must become a beast

The bestial thought lingered in his mind, and the thoughts of the creatures nearby tormented his soul. He lifted his sad eyes... the bright moon whose luminous glaze lit upon his shifting features and he howled his pain to the night.

Helga's memory faded as he loped into the forest darkness thoughts of love far from his thoughts as the bloodlust took over.

Hans boldly stands and holds his sword aloft: "Away, false voices! I stand undenied."

"This sword is salvation! It shall be my guide!" (swelling Wagner music, and sword bursts into blinding flame)

So should we all then stay in our dreams forever? Everywhere across the world, hundreds of sleeping forms...and no birds singing

The world is warmer, the cats dogs, humans and birds are all sleeping, silent, there is silence (not a good thing for opera)

But! Our hero awakes! Will he, can he awake all the birds, cats and especially the love of his life before they all die, silent?

He sings of rain & clouds never seen anymore in the brittle blue skies, it grows colder there are raindrops, the sleepers awake!

The birds flock to help; they are charmed by Will’s plight. The rising of sun sees the taking of flight.

All you have to do is bake the birds into a pie to make sure they cannot fly

Tell them a story said Tobemory or better yet sing them to sleep

So then you can creep up the tower to save your love; but quick! Before the end of the hour signaling the return of the dove

And another flock, so make haste and do not waste time or your love will be at the very top of the tower barred in by a lock

You must run up the tower and use all your power to block the birds out of your way or you may not live to see another day

And with these words Tobymory stalked away, leaving Hans to set out on his way to the tower to battle the birds

well if he trying to get out of the tower he looks to his only superpower his voice, he sings to the rocks and stones

the stones melt and sigh for they are free of a spell put on them by the frog princess

she aware of what has happened awakes; curse you she crys who dares of a voice of hope and velvet when mine is of pain and rust

Hans turns to the Fishsword for guidance as to his next action. The sword is silent and cold. Hans calls to Helga..

onto the wind it blows, while God laughs at our punishment

the potion, the potion, the potion...made with wild jasmine, the birds, they will be hypnotised by its fragrent splendor. Oh Ah!

At the foot of the tower, boy-shadow dust-cloaked & fading, jangling the keys in his pocket, echoes of a journey cut short

Can you organise some flapping birds like the ones they have in the Lion King? I'd volunteer to do the puppetry from the wings

Trying to hold in the entrails of their disemboweled affair but aught can sweeten afresh this love turn'd wihisky belch sour.

If the fishsword is silent and cold, it needs to be energised by plunging it into a lake, to channel its power from the water

((Perhaps for an explosive second scene, you can have her freaking out about how to make said potion.)

But that mountain with the great power had no effect on William! There were greater treasures beyond.

be bold; no fear, no regret.

By Royal Opera House

12 August 2009 at 6.21pm

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