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Twitter Opera: Acts 6 and 7

By Royal Opera House

18 August 2009 at 11.01am | Comment on this article

Act Six

Tobermory appears and confronts Helga; she is rather unhappy and declares that he must not underestimate her again. He is followed by an axe-wielding Mother Superior, who has come to protect Helga. She lunges at Tobermory but Helga intervenes - the cat is her son! He was transformed to feline form by imbibing a potion.

Mother Superior gasps: "No, I cannot believe that lie! Tobermory must die!" She swings the axe again; Helga goes to protect her son, and in doing so loses her little finger. The drop of maternal blood falls upon the cat and he transforms into a human form.

Helga is beside herself as she watches her son distort: "I need to end my awful plight ... I have been foolish in this life to care more for science than those I love." Mother Superior takes pity upon Helga and - swinging her axe - says, "I shall commit thee to the dark". BUT! William the birdman swoops to earth and gathers Helga into this wings.

A policewoman appears, in pursuit of Mother Superior. The nun outsmarts her and goes on the run, singing, "You shall not take me down, I run from this godly town."

William's grasp weakens and he drops Helga to the ground. She is dead. Tobermory (now a human) swears to avenge his mother.

Act Seven, Scene One

Helga is not-yet dead. She entreats the body of the Basement Cat to come to her assistance; her bag explodes and she is engulfed in a welter of flame, only to emerge with a pair of beautiful wings upon her back.

Holding Mother Superior's axe aloft, she flies after William, singing that she has realised her mistake: "A bird in the HANS is worth two in the bush, finally I understand."

Act Seven, Scene Two

Tobermory is at a dark cave; he has gone in search of a dragon who might assist him. But instead he finds the demons Fraberoom and Celine, whom he begs to come to his aid in his battle against William.

Act Seven, Scene Three - an idyllic distraction

Hans is asleep in the forest. He is hungry and dreams of a really good seafood restaurant, managed by the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock.

Act Seven, Scene Four

Corbin is holding court, sitting in a tree and surveying his minions. He spies the Mother Superior sitting below, hiding behind a rock, and outlining her dastardly plan: "I will not be caught / I need that scientist Helga in short".

Corbin lands upon Mother Superior's rock and says that William has gone to Umberworld: Kingdom of the Birds, and that Helga was seen in pursuit. He offers to fly Mother Superior to Umberworld, providing she becomes one of his flock.

Act Seven, Scene Five

In Umberworld, William is tweeting to himself, demanding to be made a man. The birds sit around and listen to his plight.

Act Seven, Scene Six

Helga has abandoned her pursuit of William and returned to the convent. She hears a flood of birdsong and regrets her earlier quest for vengeance.

By Royal Opera House

18 August 2009 at 11.01am

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