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From the Royal Opera Chorus in Japan – Day 10

By Royal Opera House

13 September 2010 at 1.55pm | 1 Comment

After the rigours of two first nights and two parties, the entire company had a rest day. Everyone, that is, except Tony Pappano who clearly felt that he hadn’t been busy enough and held some masterclasses with Ji-Min Park at the British Embassy!

A large group took an organized excursion to see Mount Fuji and although a bit of a rush, was a great success.  There were stunning views of the elusive mountain, and a great atmosphere on the company coach!  Only four choristers took the trip into the mountains to Nikko but reported a sensational day in a tropical paradise.  There were other stories of sorties to Kamakura, local sight-seeing and shopping expeditions.  Everyone in the group seems to be really grabbing the Japan experience with both hands.  Another small group of choristers made impressive use of the day by taking the 7am bullet train to Kyoto and returning to Tokyo about midnight.  Although a flying visit, it offered a remarkable insight into Japanese history and culture.

The wonders of modern technology have made staying in touch with home relatively straight forward once you negotiate the pitfalls of the 8-hour time difference.  Skype has allowed us free or almost free links and phone calls wherever there are wireless hotspots.

'Have you got Wi-Fi?' has become the catchphrase of the tour!

- John Bernays

By Royal Opera House

13 September 2010 at 1.55pm

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This article has 1 comment

  1. Hello travellers!
    Finally managed to catch up with the last days of Japan-posts :-) Thanks so much to John and Yvonne for sharing their impressions, travel&show adventures with us!!!! And for the great pictures! Nice to see you all out-of-costume/evening wear for a change ;-)))) Your posts from Japan are by far the most interesting thing I have read on this blog so far, so if you can spare those precious minutes we’d love to read more!
    I think the Japan tour is a great idea and I am glad all of your talents get showcased a bit more abroad as well. I’m not surprised you find a very warm public as many Japanese are known for their love of classical music and opera in particular :-) This way hopefully also some of the ones who can’t or don’t travel to Europe get to enjoy the best of the very best of opera!
    I’ve always felt proud of your work at home and have bored more than a few friends by saying after performances around Europe… yes, but it doesn’t sound like the orchestra back home… or yes, but if only we had the ROH chorus!!
    Enjoy the sun, no matter how sticky, as long as you are there!!! Dull, grey and chilly back home…
    Crossing fingers for Ms Jaho recovering soon and for the rest of the performances to also go as well as the first ones.
    Don’t forget to have a bit of fun while you are there, please share more of these amazing and enviable pictures! And above all, DON’T LET TONY PAPPANO out of your sight! We want him back :-)))))))
    Missing you all and wishing you an absolutely glorious time in Japan!
    Until soon and thanks again for sharing,

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