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Watch: preview trailer for Anna Nicole

Find out more about the making of our new concept trailer

By Royal Opera House

14 January 2011 at 12.09pm | Comment on this article


It has been a busy few months at the Royal Opera House. Few have been busier than our Digital Media team who have just finished an original concept trailer for Anna Nicole, a new opera by Director Richard Jones, British composer Mark-Anthony Turnage and librettist Richard Thomas.

Follow our guide to find out more about the process of making the trailer, the thought process behind the ideas and the favours the team had to call in to produce the trailer.


Early on, the team identified that this decidely controversial opera was a real opportunity to bring in not only a new audience partly by doing something a bit different with the trailer, but also as help illustrate who Anna Nicole is. They story-boarded key moments of Anna's life and came up with the idea that the trailer was to be filmed from a 'point of view' or POV camera angle - as if  we are seeing Anna's eventful life through her eyes.

Once the initial story board was approved, the production team set to work on the ambitious task of making the tight budget go far enough to produce the trailer. This involved sourcing all manner of favours from trade contacts and finding genrerous folk around the Royal Opera House who would be willing to lend a hand.

Actors were assembled from inside and outside the ROH, with the part of Anna Nicole going to busty glamour model, Nikki Lee, with even her little chihuahua getting in on the act. The word was also put out on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging anyonewith a spare few hours to feel free to get involved in the crowd scenes.

Equally as important to the actors in front of the camera, are the people directing, lighting the sets and arranging the locations behind it. A distinguished director of photography, lighting specialists and a seasoned art director were recruited to give the precise treatment the trailer deserved.

The diverse sets were created using Royal Opera House rehearsal space from an extensively researched props list - these included a strip club, grave yard and an 80's living room. For larger scale shots, they also worked with a luxury London Hotel, the Linbury Studio and you might have spotted our famous Bow Street entrance for the Red Carpet scene.

We hope you like the trailer!

Thank you to everyone who was so generous with their time -

Tom Turner
Director of Photography
Mark Adcock
Lighting Director
Theo Sanders
Art Director
Claire Canning
Make up
Anna Nicole
Nikki Lee
Billy Wayne Smith (young husband)
Gareth Aled
J.Howard Marshall
John Lyne
Mother with child
Helen Ibbotson
Age of Consent
The May Fair Hotel

By Royal Opera House

14 January 2011 at 12.09pm

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