Friday Rush

Friday Rush is a great way to get last-minute tickets for the Royal Opera House at a range of prices – even for sold-out shows.

How it works

When the timer counts down to 1pm each Friday during performances of the Ring Cycle, 23 new Friday Rush tickets will be made available for each of the Ring performances listed below. Performances other than operas in the Ring Cycle will have the usual 49 tickets made available. Ring Cycle tickets are located at the back of the Amphitheatre section of the auditorium, while other Friday Rush tickets are in the Stalls Circle Balcony and Amphitheatre; please note the Balcony tickets are for standing places. You may purchase a maximum of two Friday Rush tickets for each performance.

For shows that are not sold-out, our usual range of tickets is available to buy at any time through the links below. Unlike the Friday Rush tickets, there is usually no limit on the number of these tickets you can buy for each performance.

We offer Friday Rush for almost all main-stage shows performed by The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet, but a small number of exclusions apply (for example, galas, Student Amphitheatre performances and schools matinees).

Depending on national holidays and other events, sometimes (and very rarely) Friday Rush tickets will be released on a different day. In these cases the change of date will be flagged on this page with a week's notice.

For more information, read our Friday Rush FAQs.

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