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The Royal Opera House employs over 1,000 permanent staff. Led by Chief Executive Alex Beard CBE the departmental staff support the work of the ROH artistic companies, The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet, and all staff are dedicated to nurturing, creating and sharing astonishing, world-class opera, ballet and theatre craft.

Royal Opera House Departments include Audiences and Media, Development and Enterprises, Estates and Facilities, Finance, Learning and Participation, Operations, Information Technology, Human Resources, Technical and Production, and Visitor Experience.

The Royal Opera House is also supported by the Board of Trustees, and other associated committees.


The former Prince of Wales

Hon. Vice-President

Dame Vivien Duffield DBE

Hon. Vice-President

Sir Simon Robey

Chief Executive

Alex Beard CBE

Board of Trustees

Chair of the Royal Opera House

Sir Lloyd Dorfman CVO CBE

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Zeinab Badawi

Chair of the Audit and Risk committee

Caroline Britton

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Lord Browne of Madingley

Chair of the Finance and Commercial Committee

Tim Bunting

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Lisa Burger CBE

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Kirsty Cooper

Chair of the Learning and Participation committee

Sue Hoyle OBE

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Vanessa Kingori OBE

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Paul Morrell OBE

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Indhu Rubasingham MBE

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Janis Susskind OBE

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Chris Townsend CBE

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Michael Ward

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Danny Wyler

Trustee of the Royal Opera House

Sir Alex Younger KCMG

Executive Office†

Chief Executive †

Alex Beard

Head of CEO Office

Lucinda Sherriff

Audiences and Media

Director of Audiences and Media

Terry McGrath

Commercial Director

Christine Østerby

Head of ROH Studios

William Richmond

Creative Head of Audiences and Media

Tony Pipes

Head of Production

Deborah Stewart

Head of Marketing and Sales

Ella Lewis-Collins

Interim Head of Communications

Chloe Westwood

Head of Ballet Press

Ashley Woodfield

Head of Digital Products and Analytics

Jake Phillips

Development and Enterprises

Director of Development and Enterprises

Amanda Saunders 

Head of Events 

Caroline Dalziel 

Head of Finance, Development and Enterprises

Samantha Kendall

Director of Policy and Strategic Funding

Mark Heholt

Head of Endowment Funding and Legacy Programmes

Katherine Hudson

Head of Membership

Jessica Thompson

Head of Research, Data and Compliance

Brian Kerr 

Head of Philanthropy 

David Spinola 

Business Director

Jane Storie 

Head of Retail

Sue Carvell


Director of Finance

Mindy Kilby 

General Counsel and Company Secretary

Leah Hurst

Head of Management Accounts

Catherine Fisher

Head of Procurement

Sophie Charman-Blower

Head of Financial Accounts 

John Tozer

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources

Dale Haddon

Head of Employee Relations, Policy & Reward

Steven Foulston

Senior HR Business Partner

Bhushan Sharma

HR Services & Data Manager

Polly Dufton

Apprenticeships & Work Experience Manager

Sarah Waterman

Internal Communications Manager

Catherine O’Reilly

Recruitment Manager

Emma Davies

Learning & Development Manager

Aimie Sharp

Volunteer Programme Manager

Georgia Sinclair

Learning and Participation

Director of Learning and Participation†† 

Jillian Barker 

Head of National Programmes

Amy McGann 

Head of Collections

Julia Creed

Head of ROH East

Kelly Matthews

ROH East Programme Managers

Tina Gray-Rampello, Kirsty Sulston

Learning and Participation General Manager

Alexandra Hensby

Learning and Participation Senior Managers

Tom Floyd (Opera), Ruby Wolk (Ballet)


Director of Operations 

Heather Walker 

Operations Systems & Project Support Manager

Olivia Sangster-Bullers

Access Project Manager

Paul Adams

Health and Safety


Alexandra Lucas

Information Technology

Head of IT Service Delivery

Keith Nolan

Head of Transformation

Sam Davey


Scheduling Manager

Kate Rooney 

Estates and Facilities

Director of Estates

Peter Alesbury

Head of Estates Engineering Services

Kerry Boyce

Head of Estates Support Services

Eileen Restall

Environmental Manager

Rachael O’Sullivan

Technical, Production and Costume

Director of Technical, Production and Costume

Emma Wilson

Deputy Director

Will Harding

Assistant Director (Technical)

Stuart Robertson

Assistant Director (Operations)

Nicole Richardson

Financial Controller

John Bernasko

Administration Manager

Amy Clarey

Head of Technical Operations and Logistics 

Peter Sullivan 

Head of Stage

Andrew Collett

Deputy Head of Stage

Mark Loader

Head of Lighting

Edward Armitage

Deputy Head of Lighting

Chris Wilkinson, Jack Champion

Lighting Production Senior Managers

Rob Marsh, Matthew Mulberry, Theo Sanders, Billy Slocombe

Stage Production Senior Managers

Elliot Blackwell, Billy Mardon, Amos O'Neill, Gary Whiffen

Senior Stage Managers

Johanna Adams Farley (Ballet), Emma Turner (Opera)

Stage Managers

Jonathan Harden, Jo Holmes

Senior Duty Teams Manager

Jonathan Turner

Duty Team Managers

Ged Kelly, Billy Parmenter, Sean Thornton

Senior Flys Manager

Rob Melhuish

Flys Deputy Manager

Des Dunne

Running Props Manager

Richard Webb

Build Team Manager

Terry Rex

Engineering Manager

Barry Lynam

Sound, Video and Broadcast Manager

Gareth Shelton

Lighting Systems Manager

Nick Woolley

Follow Spots Manager

Rachel Walsh

Linbury Manager

Thomas Thompson

Events Manager

Damien Child

Aberdare Manager

Stephen Hughes

Senior Production Manager

Simon Khamara

Production Managers

Emily Moran-Seekings, Sarah O’Connor, Ian Smith

Senior Scenic Construction Manager

Mark Pursey 

Senior Scenic Painters Manager

Emma Troubridge 

Senior Production Props Manager

Antony Barnett 

Armoury Manager

Daniel Walker 

Model Room Manager

Claire Meakin

Head of Costume Performance and Logistics

Lorna Robinson 

Head of Costume Production

Elizabeth King 

Senior Costume Production Manager

Ilaria Martello

Costume Production Managers

Sharon Marlowe, Victoria James, Giuseppina Coviello

Costume Performance Senior Manager

Kate Hemstock

Wigs and Make-up Senior Manager

Pam Humpage

Wigs and Make-up Co-ordinator (New Productions)

Melanie Bouvet 

Mens Workroom Manager

Jane Dalgarno

Interim Ladies Workroom Manager

Anna Graham

Revival Workroom Manager 

Amanda Hall 

Hats and Jewellery Manager

Janet Steiner

Dyes Workshop Manager 

Parveen Banga

Costume Logistics and Hires Manager

Rosie Blackshaw

Footwear Managers

Jane Latimer (Ballet), Jessica Smith (Opera)

Visitor Experience

Head of Visitor Experience

Samantha Potts

Senior Front of House Manager

Adam Holgado

Box Office Manager (Ticketing)

Paula Patritti

Box Office Manager (Customer Support)

Jon Burns 

Customer Services Manager

Graham Boland 

Visitor Experience Administration Manager

James Waterhouse

Front of House Managers

Jess Clark, Jai Channa, Adam Holgado, Salvatore Scalzo

†Office of the Chief Executive generously supported by Bob and Tamar Manoukian

††The Office of Director of Learning and Participation generously supported by The Mohn Westlake Foundation

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