Who's who

Chief Executive†

Alex Beard CBE

Senior Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive

Lucinda Sherriff

Head of Policy and Strategy

Lindsey Glen

Audiences and Media
Head of Creative Studios

Ellen West

Head of Interpretation

John Snelson

Creative Studios Production Manager

Kate Shaw

Head of Broadcast and Distribution

Tony Followell

Head of Film and Broadcast Production

Anja Zoll-Khan

Head of Operations: Cinema and BP Big Screens

Edgar Kamga

Head of Analytics and Audience Data

Zahra Mawani

Head of Marketing

Kieran Chapman

Head of Communications

Vicky Kington

Head of Ballet Press

Ashley Woodfield

Head of Opera Press

Ann Richards

Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media

Chris Shipman

Head of Audience Labs

Annette Mees

Head of Digital Products and Delivery

Linda Benjamin

Development and Enterprises
Director of Development and Enterprises

Amanda Saunders

Head of Trusts and Foundations

Marina Jones

Head of Events

Caroline Dalziel

Head of Enterprises

Jane Storie

Senior Advertising Manager

Hamish Scott +44 (0)20 7212 9455

Head of Philanthropy

David Spinola

Head of Membership and Fundraising Campaigns

Katherine Hudson

Head of Research

Brian Kerr

Head of Finance and Fundraising Planning

Natalie Whyte

Retail Manager

Robert Perry

Director of Finance

Mindy Kilby

Head of Legal and Business Affairs

Leah Hurst

Head of Financial Accounts

Graham Watson

Interim Head of Management Accounts

Chris Tanner

Payroll Manager

John Yates

Learning and Participation
Director of Learning and Participation††

Jillian Barker

Head of National Programmes

Amy McGann

Head of Collections

Julia Creed

Head of ROH Learning and Participation Thurrock

Gabrielle Forster-Still

Head of ROH Bridge Programme

Sally Manser

Senior Strategy Manager

Roxanna Curry (Maternity cover)

Bridge Programme Managers
Learning and Participation Managers
Insights Programme Manager

Matt King-Woodward (Maternity cover)

Position generously supported by Bob and Tamar Manoukian

††The Office of Director of Learning and Participation generously supported by The Mohn Westlake Foundation

  • Tina Gray-Rampello
  • Adam Morris
  • Kirsty Sulston
  • Sarah Waterman
  • Rachel Clarke (Opera)
  • Ruby Wolk (Ballet)
Director of Operations

Heather Walker

Information Technology
Head of Technology Operations

Daniel Rubie

Head of Technology Programmes

Torsten Mulczynski

Head of Facilities

Ian Brown

Human Resources
Director of Human Resources

Jane Crowther

HR Managers
HR Advisor

Polly Thompson

Occupational Health Advisor

Rose Goodman

Health and Safety Manager

Dominique Perrissin-Fabert

Internal Communications and Engagement Manager

Jessica Carter

Performance Sound Project Manager

John Bernays

Head of Planning

Nicholas Peck

Scheduling Manager

Kate Rooney

Planning Coordinator

Annie de Grey

Technical and Production
Technical Director

Mark Dakin

Production Director

Bob Brandsen

Technical Manager

Peter Sullivan

Financial Controller

John Bernasko

Head of Lighting

Les Bone

Lighting Managers
Lighting Visualizer

James Simpson

Project Team Managers
Flys Manager

Andy Collett

Build Crew Manager

Terry Rex

Systems Engineering Manager

Lee Beech

Senior Stage Managers
Stage Managers
Sound and Broadcast Manager

Steven Zissler

Production Managers
Head of Scenic Construction

Mark Pursey

Head Property Maker

Antony Barnett

Head of Scenic Art

Emma Troubridge

Head of Armoury

Daniel Walker

Head of Model Room

Claire Elcombe

Head of Costume

Fay Fullerton MBE

Head of Costume Workshops

Lorna Robinson

Head of Performance Support

Ysanne Rawlings

Costume Supervisors
Wigs and Make-up Co-ordinator (New Productions)

Melanie Bouvet

Head of Men’s Costume Workroom

Jane Dalgarno

Head of Women’s Costume Workroom

Catriona Paterson

Head of Costume Workshop (Thurrock)

Amanda Hall

Head of Performance Support Costume Workshop

Elizabeth King

Head of Hats and Jewellery

Janet Steiner

Head of Dyeing and Costume Painting

Parveen Banga

Visitor Experience
Head of Visitor Experience

Mark Butler

Senior Front of House Manager

Samantha Potts

Senior Box Office Manager

Neil Jones

Customer Services Manager

Graham Boland

Ticketing Manager

Paula Patritti

Customer Contact Operations Manager

Jon Burns

Ticketing Systems Manager

David Bevins

Resources Manager

Liam Mortell

Front of House Managers
Tours Manager

Barry Stewart

  • Ingrid Firminger
  • Steven Foulston
  • Greg Jauncey
  • Simon Bennison
  • John Charlton
  • Mark Loader
  • Gary Whiffen
  • Johanna Adams Farley (Ballet)
  • Simon Catchpole (Opera)
  • Emma Turner
  • Adam Lawley
  • Emily Moran-Seekings
  • Clíona Ni Mhocháin
  • Sarah O’Connor
  • Will Harding
  • Andrew Jameson
  • Simon Khamara
  • Sharon Marlow
  • Ilaria Martello
  • Victoria James
  • Jai Channa
  • Adam Holgado
  • Salvatore Scalzo