Who's who

Chief Executive†

Head of Planning 
Nicholas Peck 

Scheduling Manager
Kate Rooney 

Renewal Programme

Renewal Programme Director
Laura Stevenson

Special Projects Programme Manager
Sharmaine Collins

Manager, Artists' Workstream
Helen Dunne

Director of Technical, Production and Costume
Emma Wilson

Deputy Director (Production and Planning)
Will Harding

Assistant Director (Technical)
Stuart Robertson

Assistant Director (Operations)
Nicole Richardson

Financial Controller
John Bernasko

Administration Manager
Amy Clarey

Head of Costume Performance and Logistics
Lorna Robinson

Head of Costume Production
Elizabeth King

Costume Administration Assistant Manager
Stephanie Chrisostomou

Senior Costume Production Manager

Costume Production Managers

Costume Performance Senior Manager
Helena Rose

Wigs and Make-up Senior Manager
Bridget Foster

Wigs & Make-up Manager (New Productions)
Melanie Bouvet

Mens Workroom Manager
Jane Dalgarno

Ladies Workroom Manager

Revival Workroom Manager
Amanda Hall 

Hats and Jewellery Manager
Anet Steiner

Dyes Workshop Manager
Parveen Banga

Costume Logistics and Hires Manager
Rosie Blackshaw

Footwear Managers

Senior Production Manager
Simon Khamara

Production Managers

Senior Scenic Construction Manager (Thurrock)
Mark Pursey

Senior Scenic Painters Manager (Thurrock)
Emma Troubridge

Senior Production Props Manager
Antony Barnett

Armoury Manager
Daniel Walker

Model Room Manager
Claire Meakin

Head of Stage
Andrew Collett

Deputy Head of Stage
Mark Loader

Senior Duty Teams Manager
Jonathan Turner

Duty Team Managers

Production Stage Senior Managers

Senior Flys Manager
Rob Melhuish

Flys Deputy Manager
Des Dunne

Running Props Manager
Richard Webb

Engineering Manager
Barry Lynam

Head of Technical Operations and Logistics
Peter Sullivan

Build Team Manager
Terry Rex

Aberdare Manager
Stephen Hughes

Head of Lighting
Edward Armitage

Deputy Head of Lighting
Chris Wilkinson

Senior Production Lighting Managers

Follow Spots Manager
Rachel Walsh

Lighting Control and Visualisation Manager
John Lawrence

Lighting Systems Manager
Nick Woolley

Senior Stage Managers

Stage Managers

Linbury Manager
Thomas Thompson

Events Manager
Damien Child

Sound, Video and Broadcast Manager
Gareth Shelton

Head of Visitor Experience

Gabriela Gandolfini 

Head of Front of House and Tours

Samantha Potts

Head of Ticketing

Neil Jones

Customer Services Manager

Graham Boland

Box Office Manager (Ticketing)

Paula Patritti

Box Office Manager (Customer Support)

Jon Burns

Visitor Experience Resources Manager

Alexandra Wood

Front of House Managers

†Office of the Chief Executive generously supported by Bob and Tamar Manoukian

††The Office of Director of Learning and Participation generously supported by The Mohn Westlake Foundation

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