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Programme Content

The Programme provides a bridge to a career with the world’s leading opera companies for up to a dozen salaried artists.  In their two-year employment they work alongside leading international artists and experts in musical style and interpretation to prepare repertory for staged performance, concerts and recitals. Singers may also cover roles, getting ready to step into another artist’s shoes at short notice.  All the while they receive coaching and mentoring to further their technical abilities and help evolve their artistic identity.

JPYA music staff learn from the world’s leading conductors as repetiteurs on Royal Opera productions, often conducting players offstage, or serving as assistant conductors, preparing cover casts. They conduct their peers in JPYA concerts and staged performances with the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House or guest musicians.

The JPYA Stage Director works as assistant director to a broad variety of international directors, instructing cover casts and taking responsibility for the dramatic integrity of a run of performances. They may stage a chamber opera on the Linbury stage and opera scenes on the Main Stage of the Royal Opera House.

All artists regularly perform and deliver projects for other ROH departments, including the Learning and Participation, and Development teams.

The Link Artist Programme

For three years the Programme has operated a bespoke coaching and mentoring programme to a number of individuals of exceptional promise under-represented in the Royal Opera’s talent pool. They continue their freelance careers supported by free coaching in music, languages and other skills beneficial to their professional progression. They may also be offered freelance contracts with The Royal Opera and performance opportunities alongside JPYAP company artists.

The Programme is committed to ensuring its activities are fully accessible to those historically disadvantaged in the sector. In the wake of the national pandemic and the logistical parameters it places on artists and artists’ training, we are looking to develop a broader range of activities and sector support than the current Link model to ensure we invest in a wider, more diverse pool of emerging talent for the opera industry of the future.

Work in conservatoires

For the last two seasons the Programme has provided access for UK conservatoire students to final production rehearsals together with masterclass opportunities and encounters with current Young Artists and alumni.  The Programme’s leaders also travel throughout the UK and internationally to offer coaching and advice to young people in vocational training.

Courses and training events

Women Conductors

Inspired by the pioneering work of Alice Farnham to move women conductors to the foreground of the industry, the JPYAP has offered conductor training, frequently in association with the Royal Philharmonic Society and National Opera Studio. We have invited eminent conductors to share their skills with emerging female talent to help them move more quickly and surely towards the next level of their careers.

The JPYAP’s LockDown/SkillUp (Conductors) initiative saw three groups of women explore opera repertoryand leadership skills under the tutelage of Sian Edwards and Jessica Cottis from May to July 2020.

Working without an orchestra, they refined their musical interpretations and technical expression to convey their auditory vision effectively within the inflexible parameters of a Zoom window. The work proved surprisingly illuminating and offered a welcome artistic focus at an uncertain time.

'The online course was the most positive part of lockdown for me, as it made me really work at a short term improvement of my skills but also gave me some long term inspiration.'Participant feedback

For the 19/20 Season, experienced stage directors with limited background in opera applied for a year-long training programme to get under the skin of the art form.   Successful applicants were initiated into the specific challenges of working in opera by in-house staff and guest artists, led by multi-award-winning director of opera and theatre, Katie Mitchell.

LockDown/SkillUp (Directors) Nearly thirty directors from the training cohort participated in regular weekly sessions over several months with Katie to develop the hard and soft skills required to succeed in this notoriously complex medium.

Several of the training cohort are now testing those skills as directors and assistants on current Royal Opera and JPYAP projects.

'I spend a lot of my time advocating why opera remains relevant and should be readily available to all, and hearing fellow directors’ experiences has only helped fuel this mission more...The entire process has been invaluable and enlightening.'Participant feedback