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Skip the queue and order your interval drinks with the new ROH Bar App

For a limited period, app users will benefit from a 20% discount on their orders.

By Albie Ray (Head of Hospitality, ROH Enterprises)

1 March 2016 at 1.47pm | 16 Comments

The Royal Opera House has launched a new ROH Bars app, which has been designed to make ordering interval drinks and snacks more convenient and faster, reducing waiting times at the bar.

Previously, customers wishing to pre-order drinks and light bites had to do so at the bar. But the new app allows you to pay from your smart phone or mobile device. This means you can even place orders on the way Covent Garden or at any point until five minutes before curtain up.

Simply choose from our range of champagne, wines, beer and apple juice as well as sandwiches and crisps – and the app will automatically allocate the bar closest to your seats, where you can pick up your order from one of the collection points.

The Royal Opera House Bar app is free and works on a range of devices including smart phones, tablets and computers. Simply download from Google Play or Apple App Store, or alternatively, access via your browser through the link below.

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play

Pre-order online

We are very excited about this development and hope you find it makes your visit to the Royal Opera House more enjoyable. Do let us know your feedback via the comments below.

Royal Opera House Restaurants have a wide range of menus designed specifically to complement each production on stage. Find out more about the menus and dining options.

By Albie Ray (Head of Hospitality, ROH Enterprises)

1 March 2016 at 1.47pm

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This article has 16 comments

  1. Richard responded on 4 March 2016 at 3:52pm Reply

    Great idea, but I'm not sure how it works for an event with more than one interval?

    • Rose Slavin (Former Assistant Content Producer) responded on 8 March 2016 at 3:07pm

      Hi Richard,
      Yes, each performance on the app detail if there is one or two intervals. You can select which interval you would like your order for or, if you wish, select both. Please also note performances without intervals are not available on the app.
      All best,

  2. Martin Haldane responded on 7 March 2016 at 10:43am Reply

    I have ordered on the app two glasses of wine for the first interval in Trittico on 8th. I also want to order a small vodka and tonic with ice and a slice of lime. Is that possible? I have been advised to collect from "PHH Bar". Is that in the Hamlyn Hall?

    • Rose Slavin (Former Assistant Content Producer) responded on 8 March 2016 at 2:59pm

      Hi Martin,
      Thanks for your question.
      In order to provide a streamlined service the app menu is currently short. We will look to extend the menu in the future and we do so using customer recommendations. We've noted that vodka and tonic is something you would like to be added to the app in the future.
      Please do place interval orders, which include items not on the app, at the bar on the night. And yes, "PHH Bar" is indeed the Paul Hamlyn Hall.
      If you do wish to cancel your order, please call the Reservations team on +44(0)20 7212 9254.
      All best wishes,

  3. Miriam responded on 9 March 2016 at 6:21pm Reply

    I neither have nor want a smartphone. I am extremely displeased to find that as from June 11th I will no longer be allowed to pre-order interval drinks in the Amphitheatre bar by any other method than this app.

    I shall not be buying any interval refreshments in future as a result.

    • Miriam responded on 10 March 2016 at 12:42pm

      Further to what I wrote yesterday I also sent an email to Alex Beard about this, he replied very promptly (full marks to him) saying there was an error in the information on the website. This has now been corrected so I shall still be able to order my interval drinks in person at the bar as before.

  4. Edward responded on 15 April 2016 at 5:23pm Reply

    Hi - I thought this was a great idea when I first saw it, but unfortunately the choice of drink & food is so limited that there's no point in using it. Please can you extend the menu so the app actually covers everything you can order at the bar?

  5. Jean Howard responded on 1 February 2017 at 8:47pm Reply

    Any bar worth patronising should have a spirits option in addition to the options you offer. Why should patrons have to go all the way down to the PHH bar to get a gin / vodka and tonic?

    • Rose Slavin (Former Assistant Content Producer) responded on 7 February 2017 at 1:11pm

      Hi Pat,
      Can you tell me which bar you were at?
      Very many thanks,

  6. Martin Collins responded on 6 July 2017 at 12:36pm Reply

    I would like to order drinks to be available on arrival at the Amphitheatre. The queues are no less annoying before an performance. Surely, that should be an option?

    • Rachel Beaumont (Product Manager) responded on 6 July 2017 at 5:52pm

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your comment. Though currently we can't offer that service (because we don't have the functionality to ask how far in advance of the performance starting you plan to arrive), it is something we would like to offer and we are working on finding a way to provide this service.

      All best,

  7. Angela Davies responded on 26 July 2017 at 4:28pm Reply

    Can I order wine and food to be brought to my box in the interval?

    • Chris Shipman (Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media) responded on 1 August 2017 at 10:59am

      Hi Angela,

      I'm afraid that we don't allow food and drink in the auditorium. You're more than welcome to order them to the Paul Hamlyn Hall or Amphitheatre level bar though



  8. Jane Pleydell-Bouverie responded on 29 January 2018 at 9:53am Reply

    The ROH Bars app repeatedly says it's currently offline - when will it be operational?
    (And if you try & order online it says please try again at a future date....)

    • Chris Shipman (Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media) responded on 31 January 2018 at 12:23pm

      Hi Jane,

      Thank you for your comment and sorry to disappoint - the app was experiencing technical problems at the time you tried using it. These issues are now resolved so please do try again if you're looking at ordering for a future performance.

      We are currently in the process of reviewing our front of house technology offer as we move towards the conclusion of our Open Up project, so do watch this space for updates

      Best wishes,


  9. Tariq Hussain responded on 3 September 2018 at 9:29am Reply

    Hi the app still says currently offline and I can't order through the link on this page either?

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