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Supporting Friend

Supporting Friend membership - £400

The benefits Friend members receive are:

  1. Advance booking ahead of Friends+ - you can purchase between one and four tickets for most productions and sometimes up to six. However, the number will occasionally be restricted to two tickets for productions where there is exceptional demand.

  2. The opportunity to apply for two general rehearsal tickets per booking period, with the opportunity of applying for a further two at a later date (most rehearsal tickets are in the Amphitheatre).

  3. A subscription to our quarterly Royal Opera House Magazine and monthly e-newsletter.

  4. 10% discount in the Royal Opera House Shop (excluding programmes and magazines).

  5. The knowledge that your contribution is directly supporting the Royal Opera House.

  6. An invitation to the annual Season Preview.

  7. A personal acknowledgement on the Royal Opera House website.

Please note: it may take up to 24 hours after purchase for your membership to become active.

Gift membership certificate

If you wish to purchase a membership certificate as a gift for someone else, please tick the following box and fill in the recipient's details. You will receive the membership certificate by email, which you can forward on to your desired recipient. If you are redeeming a gift membership certificate, skip this step and add the membership directly to your basket.

Additional Donation

Would you like to make a donation to the Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation in addition to your membership? If so, enter your desired donation amount here:


Gift Aid

Please treat as Gift Aid donations all qualifying gifts of money made today, in the past four years and in the future.

Please check the box to confirm.
You can cancel this declaration at any time by writing to us, for example if you cease to pay tax, but while the declaration is in force please let us knows if you change your name or address. Remember to notify us if you no longer pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax equal to the amount of tax that we reclaim on your donations.