What is a Welcome Performance?

Welcome Performances are matinee performances of opera and ballet, exclusively for families that have never visited the Royal Opera House before.

In the morning before the performance there is a huge range of things to see and experience throughout the Royal Opera House. Each Welcome Performance lets you explore different elements of a production, from singing and dancing to backstage crafts and costumes. There will be something for everybody.

Here are just some examples of what you might come across in a morning at a Welcome Performance:

  • Meet some of the amazing backstage team
  • See if you have what it takes to be an opera singer
  • Get some tips on how to become a world-class ballet dancer
  • Test out some weird and wonderful musical instruments
  • See professional stage make-up demos
  • Watch and even try out stage fighting
  • Enjoy dressing up and storytelling.

But what actually is the Royal Opera House?

The Royal Opera House has been in the heart of London’s Theatreland since 1732. Although the building is very big, you may never have noticed it before. During its rich history, the Royal Opera House has burned to the ground twice and each time been lovingly rebuilt, with the current version dating from 1858. And it’s just about to go through another renovation to ‘open up’ the space to the public even more.

The huge theatre complex includes a beautiful glass and iron structure that was once part of the Covent Garden flower market, a small theatre that used to be a car park, and the world-famous main stage and auditorium which can seat 2,256 people.