How to access ROH Stream events

Our ROH Stream events are provided online through a service powered by Vimeo. Here is a guide on how to use it. We recommend testing out these options in advance of tuning into a live event.

We are now offering live events that can be watched online via our ROH streaming site – – here we host live performances to watch from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

This page includes advice on the following topics:

Use a compatible browser

It is important that you ensure the internet browser on your device is supported by our ROH Stream player. ROH Stream can be used with the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Samsung Internet. Please note, Internet Explorer is not supported.

Google Chrome offers a reliable viewing experience for our online content. Find out how to install Google Chrome and set it as your default browser.

How to test your ROH Stream set-up

Once you have installed a compatible browser or navigated to the homepage on your current browser, you can test whether the stream works for you without signing up. You can use this free clip of J. S. Bach's Concerto for two Violins in D minor from the Live from Covent Garden event that took place on 27 June 2020. If you can view this after clicking the link, the player will work for you and you will be able to watch the live event.

Because this streaming service is delivered via an internet browser, how it is experienced is reliant on your device’s capabilities and the strength of your internet connection. If you experience any lag whilst viewing, try these steps to help improve the connection.

How to buy access

You can now buy access to our ROH Stream events. Click a Buy Now button on your chosen event to create an account and purchase access.

This new account is separate from your Royal Opera House account: your membership login details will not work on the ROH Stream site.

It won't take long to create your new account. At the ROH Stream checkout screen, simply put in your email address and create a password with eight or more characters. Then enter your payment details as you would do to purchase any product online.

When you have purchased a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will include instructions on how to watch and also a link that leads directly to the web page for the event you have purchased. If you do not receive this, firstly check your junk email folder, and then contact our Box Office.

You will only need to create your account once. The next time you visit the ROH Stream site, you will need to log in with the email and password you created before. If you have forgotten your details, follow these steps to reset your password.

Please note, we can only accept payment for ROH Stream events via Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.

How to watch a live event

To watch a live event that you have paid for, you first need to be logged into your ROH Stream account. Do this by clicking the link in your payment confirmation and reminder emails from ‘Royal Opera House Stream’ ( and entering your email address and the password that you created when you purchased access. Remember, these are not your usual ROH login details.

You will need to ensure the link from your confirmation email opens in a supported browser (see above). Here is some advice on how to set Google Chrome as your default browser. You should then be able to access the event by finding it in the What's on area of

If you log in before the live event starts, the video will display as Coming Soon. As soon as we start our live stream events a countdown timer appears; you don’t need to refresh the page – this will happen automatically. Please be aware that in the unlikely event of technical difficulties, the stream may be disrupted for a short period of time.

If you arrive during the performance, you will not be able to rewind the live stream, but you will be able to watch the entire event on demand approximately 90 minutes after the event has finished.

How to connect to your TV with an HDMI cable

The ROH Stream player must be watched via an internet browser. If you would like to watch it on your TV, but your TV does not have a browser installed, you will have to instead watch it using the internet browser on another device (a desktop or laptop computer, mobile or tablet). One universal feature on most TVs is their HDMI socket, and in most cases, you can connect your devices to your TV using an HDMI cable.

Usually, HDMI ports are found at the back of your TV. Attach your HDMI cable to this socket, and plug the other end into the device you intend to stream with. You will need to make sure you have the right cable for your TV and devices, and if you are using a mobile or tablet, you might need an adaptor also.

Now that you have connected your cable, you may need to change your TV’s input settings. Use your remote control to find the source menu, and select the channel associated with the socket your cable is plugged into. You may also need to change the sound settings on your device to ensure it is using the TV to project the sound.

Now that you have connected your cable and selected the correct channel, use your device to load the page you want to view on the TV. Why not try watching this free clip of J. S. Bach's Concerto for two Violins in D minor as a test?

How to watch on your TV wirelessly

There are several ways to wirelessly cast your screen to a TV, and many different brands offer different ways to achieve this. Below there is advice on how to use some of the more popular methods. Please note you may also need to refer to instructions specific to your own device if it is not included here.

If you have a wifi-enabled TV, and it is on the same wifi network as the computer, tablet or smartphone you are streaming with, it is likely you will be able to connect the two wirelessly. You can use in-built software such as Airplay for Apple devices, or if you are using Google Chrome, you can cast directly from the browser. You can also use a special casting device such as Google’s Chromecast or Amazon’s Firestick.

Apple Macbooks, iPhones and iPads can use Apple’s Airplay to cast to compatible TVs. Selecting the Airplay icon on your device will show you which TVs are available on your network to cast to. Read Apple’s instructions here on how to use Airplay.

Meanwhile, most Android devices tend to use Google’s Chromecast for screen sharing. Selecting the cast option in your Google Chrome browser will reveal compatible TVs on your network to cast to. If you have a Chromecast dongle, which connects to your TV via its HDMI port, you can also cast directly to this, using it instead of a HDMI cable.

Similar to Chromecast is the Amazon TV Firestick. This is a casting device that also plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. Once connected, set your TV to the correct channel, and then cast to the TV Firestick via an app on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Some wifi-enabled TVs have their own in-built internet browser. If your TV is supported, you may be able to access your ROH Stream account via its browser. Enter the web address and once on the site, log into your account to watch content there as you would on any other browser. It may be time consuming to input text using your TV’s remote control.

For further advice on connecting wirelessly via branded TVs, follow the links below that are relevant to your TV for more detailed instructions:

Please note we strongly recommend that you test your chosen viewing method well in advance of buying and watching a live event – why not try to cast this free clip of J. S. Bach's Concerto for two Violins in D minor as a test?

How to watch after the event

Events that you have paid for will be available in your ROH Stream library to watch for a total of 30 days after the live event. Events will be available approximately 90 minutes after the end of the live event, after we upload the recording. Watching after the event will look the same as watching the live event, therefore, the title image or countdown timer may display for a short period of time before the performance starts.

Do not worry if you have not yet purchased access to an event – you can do it on the day, up until the start of the performance, or afterwards, at a time of your convenience.

Further help

The Royal Opera House is providing this digital experience via a streaming service. Ultimately, how it is experienced is reliant on your device’s capabilities and the strength of your internet connection.

If there are any issues with viewing the event, please contact the streaming host directly. This will provide the quickest response. If you cannot access the Vimeo help centre, you can contact Royal Opera House customer support using our contact form. Please note that we will not be able to help with any technical issues, and response may take some time.