Steven McRae Oberon and Akane Takada as Titania in The Dream. © ROH 2017. Photo by Tristram Kenton

The Dream (2017)

19 March17 April 2021
Online only
Ballet and dance

The high-spirited misadventures of the two pairs of mortal lovers from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream combine with the humorous cavorting of Bottom, played by a male dancer who dances en pointe after his ludicrous transformation. The ballet culminates in a powerful pas de deux for Oberon and Titania, which moves through a stormy conflict of wills to a harmonious union. Felix Mendelssohn’s witty, gossamer-light music for the play provides a perfect partner to Frederick Ashton's inventive choreography.

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Oberon, King of the Fairies, has quarrelled with his Queen, Titania. He longs to humiliate her, and orders Puck to make her fall in love with a monster. Meanwhile, he and Puck meddle with the lives of four mortal lovers who wander across their path.

Much confusion ensues, between the four mortals as their loves entangle, and within a troupe of actors, one of whose number is transformed into an ass to become Titania’s paramour. Finally, Oberon makes peace with Titania, and returns things to their natural order.


Conductor: Emmanuel Plasson

Titania: Akane Takada

Oberon: Steven McRae

Changeling Indian Boy: Ambrose Bartlett

Puck: Valentino Zucchetti

Bottom: Bennet Gartside

Rustics: Benjamin Ella, Kevin Emerton, Solomon Golding, Erico Montes, Calvin Richardson

Helena: Itziar Mendizabal

Demetrius: Tomas Mock

Hermia: Claire Calvert

Lysander: Matthew Ball

Peaseblossom: Gemma Pitchley-Gale

Cobweb: Emma Maguire

Moth: Elizabeth Harrod

Mustardseed: Romany Pajdak

Choir: London Oratory Junior Choir

Concert Master: Vasko Vassilev

Orchestra: Orchestra of the Royal Opera House


ChoreographyFrederick Ashton

MusicFelix Mendelssohn

Musical arrangementJohn Lanchbery

DesignerDavid Walker

Lighting designerJohn B. Read


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