Sander Blommaert, Luca Acri, Leo Dixon, Téo Dubreuil, Benjamin Ella and David Yudes in Valentino Zucchetti's Alpha, The Royal Ballet's Draft Works, 2015 ©2015 ROH. Photograph by Andrej Uspenski

Spring Draft Works

13 May12 June 2021
Online only
Ballet and dance

Even while our doors have been closed to the public, dancers have kept creative with a new series of Draft Works, The Royal Ballet’s platform to develop young choreographic talent. Join the dancers online to see their raw creativity take shape on the Main Stage in a fresh exploration of dance today.


  • Joshua Junker ‘The Morning Routine’. Music: Original composition by Bassam Ibellini. Dancers: Téo Dubreuil, Isabella Gasparini, Joshua Junker, Isabel Lubach, Kristen McNally, Francisco Serrano.
  • Valentino Zucchetti ‘Outwardly Finds’. Music: ‘Moments Musicaux no 4.’– Sergei Rachmaninoff. Piano: Robert Clark. Dancers: Yasmine Naghdi.
  • Ashley Dean ’Nyakaza’. Music: ‘Saint Saens – Groove Mix’– Mooryc. Dancers: Mica Bradbury, Hannah Grennell.
  • Joshua Junker ’324a’. Music: ‘Concerto in D Minor, BWV 974’. Arranged by Bach from: Oboe Concerto in D minor by Alessandro Marcello (1685–1750): 2. Adagio’– Johann Sebastian Bach. Piano: Michael Pansters. Dancer: Giacomo Rovero.
  • Stanisław Węgrzyn ’Memento’. Music: ‘Personal Effects– Annie’s Death (Live in Kraków /2008)’ and ‘They Imagine The City Growing Out Into The Ocean’ Jóhann Jóhannsson. Dancers: Marco Masciari, Sumina Sasaki, Edward Watson.
  • Amelia Townsend ‘Morphean’. Music: Original composition by Cameron Buckmaster. Dancers: Leticia Dias, Charlotte Tonkinson, Amelia Townsend, Marianna Tsembenhoi.
  • Joshua Junker ‘Two Seasons’. Music: ‘Vivaldi, The Four Seasons Spring 2’– Recomposed by Max Richter. Dancers: Ashley Dean, Joshua Junker.
  • Matthew Ball ’Waveform’. Music: ‘Poco Adagio (2nd movement) from Piano Trio no. 4.’ – Antonín Dvořák. Piano: Kate Shipway, Cello: Tim Hugh, Violin: Sergey Levitin. Dancers: Luca Acri, Matthew Ball, Mayara Magri.
  • Marcelino Sambé ‘Othello’s Limbo’. Music: ‘Doublespeak’, ‘Drones & Piano: Part II’, ‘Drones & Violin: Part III’ – Nico Muhly. Dancers: Denilson Almeida, Madison Bailey, Calvin Richardson, Marcelino Sambé.
  • Valentino Zucchetti ’Inner’. Music: ‘Fantasia in D minor’– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Piano: Robert Clark. Dancer: Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, Mariko Sasaki.
  • Benjamin Ella ‘...And At The Hour Of Death’. Music: ‘Prelude, BWV 855a’, ‘... and  at the hour of death’ – Víkingur Ólafsson. Dancers:  Liam Boswell, Harry Churches, Leo Dixon, David Donnelly, Brayden Gallucci, Joonhyuk Jun.
  • Kristen McNally. Music: ‘Le Temps L’amour’– Francoise Hardy, ‘Moi Je Joue’– Brigitte Bardot, 'Zou Bisou Bisou' – Gillian Hills, ‘Meditation’ – Walter Wanderley. Dancers: Christina Arestis, Téo Dubreuil, Bennet Gartside, James Large, Phillip Mosley, Nadia Mullova-Barley, Taisuke Nakao, Thomas Whitehead.

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ChoreographyMatthew Ball, Ashley Dean, Benjamin Ella, Joshua Junker, Kristen McNally, Marcelino Sambé, Amelia Townsend, Stanisaław Węgrzyn and Valentino Zucchetti

Lighting designerNatasha Chivers


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