Water rushing by in a river forming an abstract pattern © Howard Grill

Mami Wata

1617 July 2021
Royal Opera House
Opera and music
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Conceived by Alison Buchanan, Artistic Director of Pegasus Opera, Mami Wata illuminates rich and varied works from a range of established composers. This concert features music from established British composers Bushra El-Turk and Errollyn Wallen, alongside music by Nkeiru Okoye, Lettie Beckon Alston, Dorothy Rudd Moore and Nahla Mattar, including UK premieres of unheard work.

The concert connects these diasporic voices within the unifying theme of water, which symbolizes movement, journeys, rebirth and freedom. For centuries, women have been linked with water in art and literature. But the illustrious African spirit Mami Wata has been a culturally significant representation of Black women in water for thousands of years and is the earliest Black mermaid found in widespread creation myths across West Africa.

Presented by Pegasus Opera in association with the Royal Opera House, this concert continues Pegasus Opera’s work to champion diverse artists in opera, giving voice to a collection of work from trailblazing composers.

In 2022 Pegasus Opera Company celebrates 30 years of advocacy for diversity in music. This programme, curated for the Engender Festival, provides a powerful and stirring experience – immerse yourself in the currents of positive change.



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DirectorTD. Moyo

Pegasus Artistic DirectorAlison Buchanan