Friends Rehearsals FAQs

We are grateful to The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera for allowing us to sell tickets to our supporters for final rehearsals.

You can find a list of forthcoming Friends Rehearsals here.

If you have a query about Friends Rehearsals that isn’t answered below please contact the Friends office on +44(0) 20 7212 9268. Please note that ticket sales can only be processed through the Box Office.

What are Friends Rehearsals? 
For almost all main-stage productions, Friends are invited to buy tickets for the final rehearsal – the last rehearsal before opening night. Some aspects of the production may not be finished, and some artists may choose to mark their roles. The rehearsals should not be treated as finished performances.

Where in the auditorium are rehearsal tickets located?
The majority of tickets available for Friends are located in the amphitheatre.

How much do tickets cost?
Ticket prices vary depending on seat location, and range between £5 and £23. For the 2021/22 Season, customers who are unable to receive an e-ticket, and therefore require a paper ticket to be sent to them, will be able to do so for a charge of £2 per UK transaction, or £9.50 if international postage is required. 

Is there a limit on how many tickets I can buy?
Friends may buy four tickets in total within each booking period, subject to availability. There are four booking period per Season: autumn, winter, spring and summer.

For all levels of membership except Premium 2 Friends, you may only buy a limited number of your four tickets for each booking period when booking for rehearsals first opens: Friends and Young Friends may buy only one; Friends+, Supporting Friends and Premium 1 Friends may buy two. You will have the opportunity to buy the rest of your allocation at a later date, subject to availability.

When can I purchase rehearsal tickets?

Booking dates for Friends Rehearsals depend on your level of support:

  • Premium 2 Friends may purchase four rehearsal tickets at the same time as buying performance tickets.
  • Premium 1 Friends may purchase two rehearsal tickets at the same time as buying performance tickets, and then have the option to buy a further two at a later date.
  • All other levels of membership may buy rehearsal tickets at a later date. Supporting Friends and Friends+ may buy two rehearsal tickets at this stage and Friends and Young Friends may buy one ticket only.
  • Subject to availability, at a later date all levels of Friend have the option to buy the remaining tickets from their allocation (coming to a total of four per booking period).

How do I purchase the rehearsal tickets?
You can find a list of forthcoming rehearsals here. As with performance tickets, sign in to your ROH account to purchase tickets.
Alternatively, contact the Box Office by email at

What happens if I cannot attend a rehearsal for which I have bought tickets?
You can always return a rehearsal ticket for resale to the Box Office. Please note that, as the cost of the ticket is treated as a donation, we are not able to refund rehearsal tickets and nor can we exchange them.

Can I give a rehearsal ticket to someone else?
Terms and conditions of rehearsal tickets are the same as performance tickets – read them here.

Can I buy rehearsal tickets in person from the Box Office on the day of the rehearsal?
We strongly recommend you do not come on the day if you do not already have a ticket. Check availability on the website or over the telephone the day before a rehearsal.

Who else attends final rehearsals?
The tickets are divided between our supporters and Royal Opera House members of staff.

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