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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Digital Programme


Supported by Nesta, Arts & Humanities Research Council and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

When Alice met...

Alice meets a host of unusual characters during her adventure in Wonderland. Listen to Fiona Shaw read extracts of Lewis Carroll's book and see the characters as imagined in The Royal Ballet's production

Watch: the trailer

The Story

A full synopsis of this production

Watch: exclusive film

Darcey Bussell and Steven McRae discuss tap dancing and the role of the Mad Hatter

A very modern kind of classical ballet

Gerard Davis introduces Christopher Wheeldon's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice: the view from the baton

Royal Ballet Music Director Barry Wordsworth, who conducted the first performances, talks about the music from score to stage

Watch: The Mad Hatters’ dance-off between The Royal Ballet’s Steven McRae and ZooNation’s Turbo

Watch: The Mad Hatters’ dance-off between The Royal Ballet’s Steven McRae and ZooNation’s Turbo

Watch: Creating Alice's Adventures

Behind the scenes with the creators of this modern classic, featuring Joby Talbot, Christopher Wheeldon, Bob Crowley, Edward Watson and Sarah Lamb.

Watch: The artists talk about the ballet

Featuring: Steven McRae, Lauren Cuthbertson, Edward Watson, Zenaida Yanowsky and Barry Wordsworth

Joby Talbot and his music

Joby Talbot's music for Wheeldon's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been called 'the best new ballet music... in years'. Find out more about the composer and his music.

The creation of an original (EXCLUSIVE)

In 2010 Christopher Wheeldon created Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Here's how it all began.

Gallery: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Watch: Dance Styles

Christopher Wheeldon, Joby Talbot, Ballet Master Christopher Saunders and Soloist Eric Underwood offer insights into the choreography

Full Live Cinema cast (October 2017)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on DVD and Blu-ray


Production team, Conductor and principal dancers for this production


Performances, screenings, timings and Royal Ballet staff

Full cinema cast 16 December 2014

The full cinema cast for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland