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News and features regarding ‘Idomeneo by Martin Kusej’

  1. Your reaction: Idomeneo

    4 November 2014
    Your reaction: Idomeneo

    What did you think of Martin Kušej's production of Mozart's early masterpiece?

  2. Idomeneo: Brave war hero or brutal tyrant?

    27 October 2014
    Idomeneo: Brave war hero or brutal tyrant?

    The way stories of rulers are told – like that of the Greek king Idomeneus – has changed over the course of history, determined by how society views them.

  3. Opera Essentials: Idomeneo

    24 October 2014
    Opera Essentials: Idomeneo

    Our quick guide to Martin Kušej's new production of Mozart's early masterpiece for The Royal Opera.

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