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Due to the ongoing effects of closure at the Royal Opera House, information about artists is only updated periodically during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Rüdiger Rüfer



German composer Rüdiger Rüfer co-created the electronic score for Kenneth MacMillan’s ballet Anastasia with Fritz Winckel at the Studio of the Technical University of West Berlin. The ballet was originally created for Deutsche Oper Ballet and was later expanded into three acts and brought into the repertory of The Royal Ballet.

Rüfer was born to a musical family. After initial studies on the piano, organ and violin, he went onto study piano and harmony and counterpoint in Berlin. After training as an engineer he worked for the broadcasters RIAS Berlin and Sender Freies Berlin. In 1961 he became a lecturer at the Berlin Technical University, where he also created electroacoustic music in collaboration with composers including Ernst Krenek and Hans Werner Henze. In 1974 he became a lecturer in electroacoustic media and sound engineering at the University of Music and Theatre in Hannover, becoming professor in 1983.

Rüfer’s releases of electroacoustic music include Musik aus Urklang and Bilder zum hören. His work in film includes many collaborations with Ernst Reinboth, including on Interferenzen.