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Your Reaction: What did you think of Les Patineurs / Winter Dreams / The Concert?

Audience responses and press reviews of The Royal Ballet's festive triple bill.

By Mel Spencer (Senior Editor (Social Media))

19 December 2018 at 4.02pm | 16 Comments

Press reviews:
Guardian ★★★★
Times (£) ★★★★
Telegraph ★★★★
Independent ★★★
The Stage ★★★

What did you think of Les Patineurs / Winter Dreams / The Concert?

Les Patineurs / Winter Dreams / The Concert runs until 4 January 2019. A limited number of tickets are still available.

The production is staged with generous philanthropic support from Julia and Hans Rausing and Lady Ashcroft. Les Patineurs is performed with generous philanthropic support from Lindsay and Sarah Tomlinson. Winter Dreams is performed with generous philanthropic support from Richard and Delia Baker. The Concert is performed with generous philanthropic support from the American Friends of Covent Garden.

This article has 16 comments

  1. alex responded on 19 December 2018 at 7:23pm Reply

    We attended the Opening Night and loved this Triple Bill. From the moment the curtain goes up, the beautiful music transported us to a Victorian "ice-skate rink". Marcelino Sambe was sublime as the Blue Boy, we particularly loved Yuhui Choe in her role as the Blue Girl and Mayara Magri as the Red Girl. Fumi Kaneko and William Bracewell as the White Couple were lovely too. Everyone danced their heart out. MacMillan's "Winter Dreams" changed the mood, a darker and deeper story, that of Three Sisters, beautifully danced in particular by Marianella Nunez and Yasmine Naghdi, two most amazing Principal ladies. Nunez was rightly cast as Masha but Soares as her suitor didn't cut it for us: his technic is now so weak and his dancing so laboured. Shame Muntagirov wasn't dancing last night. Yasmine Naghdi is in a league of her own, with a port-de-bras to die for, her exquisite dancing was complimented by her beautiful line and acting skills. She was a most delightful Irina. "The Concert" closed the evening on a comical note, it was good to be able to laugh after the somber story of "Winer Dreams". We really enjoyed this Triple Bill and congratulate all the dancers for their lovely dancing. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of them.

  2. Karen responded on 19 December 2018 at 10:53pm Reply

    I absolutely loved the whole programme, very well put together. Such a joy to see Les Patineurs again after such a long time. I agree with the first comment, why could this not have been the Christmas cinema relay? The whole company was on great form: Yasmin Naghdi wonderful, Marianela Nunez superb as always and Lauren Cuthbertson brilliant in The Concert. Can't wait to see it all again on 4th January with my daughter.

  3. Linda Beard responded on 20 December 2018 at 1:04am Reply

    I loved this programme and came home on a real high after the high jinks of The Concert. And you should offer Nehemia Kish a contract as a character artist when he stops playing principal roles. He's a wonderful actor and a natural comic - hang on to him! One complaint though - the lights reflect off the shining piano and were shining right into my eyes in the front stalls. Please do something about this - it's very hard to see the dancers when the light is so dazzling.

  4. Nick Burdett responded on 20 December 2018 at 12:11pm Reply

    Lovely programme beautifully performed last night. It was good to see Sarah L and Vadim M dancing so beautifully together in Winter Dreams, a piece that is growing on me..

  5. Jane Sprague responded on 20 December 2018 at 1:22pm Reply

    A delightful evening of captlvating ballets of varying moods, with stunning sets and wonderful costumes. Les Patineurs full of festive fun, could almost feel the coldness of the ice then Sarah Lamb and Yasmine Naghdi so beautiful in their roles in Winter Dreams. Finally The Concert where the audience laughed out loud at the antics but marvelled at the skills, athleticism and finesse of the dancers. A joyous end to a fabulous evening where huge applause must go to the orchestra, the musicians, the conductor and the delightful pianist

  6. Jane Elliott responded on 20 December 2018 at 2:30pm Reply

    The pas des of Patineurs, entree, and ensemble elements of Les Patineurs on the evening of Weds 19 December were woefully poor in parts in respect of both timing and synchronicity, it seemed massively under rehearsed with one male dancer being a full two beats behind in parts. Sadly, as this was the opener it pre-determines the spectators eye to a critical bent, where all other faults become magnified.
    Fortunately Winter dreams was of a far higher calibre with an utterly outstanding and moving dream sequence by Yasmine Naghdi as Irinia, which deserved a great deal more of an accolade than it was afforded in the encores, which rightly credited the skill of Sarah Lamb as Marsha, though sadly to the exclusion of the audience being able to individually show their appreciation to others.
    At the second interval we felt the balance was even, but luckily the Royal Ballet is not in the habit of settling for such mediocrity and for desert we were served a welcome and generous portion of abject skill in every possible aspect with The Concert, which marvelled, amused, and throughly entertained every soul in the house, judging by the conversation in the home going lifts at the tube station (always the best place to get the most accurate Opera House performance review.) The descending cars were more than happy with The Concert's concept that gently poked fun at them, and the cast alike, and reminds us that ballet should not be taken too seriously - whilst making the point with sublime skill, strength, originality and impeccable timing! Bravo ROH.

  7. Michael Llewellyn responded on 20 December 2018 at 2:47pm Reply

    A delightful triple bill, especially the evergreen Patineurs, but the star of the show was the fabulously versatile pianist cum butterfly catcher cum soldier bandmaster Mr Robert Clark!

  8. Heather Prophet responded on 20 December 2018 at 10:31pm Reply

    Marvellous , enriching entertainment this afternoon. I agree with all of the above comments but would add respect and compliments to Itziar Mendizabal for a very polished and eye catching performance this afternoon. Loved it. Cheekbones to die for!

  9. Julia Has responded on 22 December 2018 at 10:15am Reply

    I went to see the show on Wednesday 19th December and absolutely loved Les Patineurs! Such a wonderful piece to see before Christmas. Luca Acri impressed as the blue boy and I was very glad to see the the dazzling Gina Storm-Jensen in the red girl. She always brings to much expression and joy to the stage. Nicol Edmonds did a wonderful job in the Winter Dreams. The Concert was the perfect finish to a very good evening.

  10. Please tell me you filmed this!?
    sounds like everyone enjoyed this triple bill, I certainly enjoyed Les Patineurs last outing 8yrs ago?? with the Tales of Beatrix Potter but I first saw both as a child and was hooked by it,
    Les Patineurs is ideal for terrestrial tv at christmas for all ages, would love to see it. We had the music on vinyl all my life and after seeing this at ROH aged 3 I think, I danced around the living room to it forever! its hard for me to step out of my love for this masterpiece, its pure joy, glad its comeback to the stage and is still loved. Sadly the english channel stopped me from attending at this pointe in time.
    I am thrilled to see the new production of Swan Lake is on BBC Christmas day! with fouettetastic Nela and Vadream... yey!

  11. Kevin responded on 24 December 2018 at 12:00pm Reply

    Very much enjoyed the programme. A small question though - Why has the ending of Les Patineurs been changed? Thanks

  12. Annabel Charles responded on 24 December 2018 at 10:38pm Reply

    We really enjoyed this triple bill (20.12.18 evening performance). Les Patineurs was dreamy winter perfection; Winter Dreams moody and beautiful and The Concert just hilarious. Special mention for Melissa Hamilton and Reece Clarke - and Luca Acri; Sarah Lamb, Vadim Muntagirov and Yasmin Nghadi and Lauren Cuthbertson - that hair! It was a terrific Christmas show. Congratulations to the whole cast.

  13. I saw the second cast with Sarah Lamb and Vadim Muntagirov in Winter Dreams. This performance will stay with me all my life. Muntagirov in particular blew me away, not only with his incredible dancing but his passionate, emotional and sincere acting. This performance should be filmed at all costs. In addition the rest of the cast were fantastic, Gary Avis so touching and pitiable as Kulygin, and Yasmine Naghdi a beautiful Irina.

    I also loved Les Patineurs, a ballet that is lovely to look at, lighthearted and charming, and I enjoyed the surreal comedy of The Concert, where Lauren Cuthbertson in particular seemed to be having the time of her life - and who knew Nehemiah Kish would have such a turn for comedy?

  14. Jonathan Rackowe responded on 29 December 2018 at 11:13am Reply

    An excellent triple bill - most enjoyable, and once again the ROH delivered a very happy audience back onto the streets of London at the end.

  15. Jonathan Butterworth responded on 3 January 2019 at 12:37am Reply

    Two very enjoyable ballets and one utter disaster. Okay, I've never enjoyed MacMillan's later works but Winter Dreams is woeful. The choreography is repetitive and fails to establish which character is which or provide any subtly of mood. The lack of a narrative structure is a real drawback and strikes me as laziness on MacMillan's part. I surmise that no one in the management had the guts to tell the Grand Old Man that the piece needed tightening and editing. Shame as there is the germ of a good idea and MacMillan did produce some very fine work.

  16. elleG responded on 6 January 2019 at 7:51pm Reply

    Interestingly, there have been relatively few comments on this thread but I cannot let one which rubbishes Winter Dreams be the 'last word'.
    For me, it was the highlight of this Triple Bill, especially in the hands of Lamb, Muntagirov, Bracewell, Naghdi and Kish (yes, I know that I have taken my pick from the three casts). I haven't read the play, nor did I buy a 'red' programme but, for me the ballet's structure is a deft and telling combination of a story and character cameos set to beautiful, atmospheric music. A work which can produce performances of the calibre of those by the artists mentioned above is something to treasure.

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