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Your reaction: Giselle

A selection of audience tweets from the first night (and matinee) of Peter Wright’s haunting production.

By Ellen West (Head of Creative Studios and Digital Products)

19 January 2014 at 6.12pm | 13 Comments

First night

















Giselle runs from 18 January-10 February 2014. A small number of tickets are still available.The ballet will be broadcast live to cinemas worldwide on 27 January 2014. Find your nearest cinema.

The production is staged with generous philanthropic support from Mrs Aline Foriel-Destezet, Celia Blakey and the Jean Sainsbury Royal Opera House Fund.

By Ellen West (Head of Creative Studios and Digital Products)

19 January 2014 at 6.12pm

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This article has 13 comments

  1. Andy Law responded on 19 January 2014 at 8:07pm Reply

    Rumour has it that the applause was heard in every corner of London.

  2. Sahlen responded on 20 January 2014 at 4:04am Reply

    This thrilling and gripping production must surely be the best Giselle anywhere. Saturday matinee had a stunning performance from McRae and a dazzling pas de six led by Naghdi.
    I'd like to see the conductor paying more attention to the dancers, though.

  3. Manon1753 responded on 20 January 2014 at 10:12am Reply

    Saturday matinée with Marquez and McRae. Wonderful dancing and story telling. Not just by the principals (and one should never take really good dancing for granted), but also by Mother (she is so right about warning against Willies), Bathilde (one does sympathize with Albrecht going off with a less blasée girl!), Hilarion (who seems to be a perfectly decent bloke) and the holiday-ing harvesters. And who can blame Giselle for ignoring Mother's warnings and falling for this charming rogue of an Albrecht? A chilling and pitiless Myrthe, as she should be. and dancers weren't always together. Lack of rehearsal time with the conductor?
    And... a question, jumps were VERY audible, even up in the Gods. Why?

  4. Sebastian Petit responded on 20 January 2014 at 10:24am Reply

    An absolutely fabulous evening. Can't remember being this excited by a house role debut since Sylvie burst on the scene 20 years ago

  5. Haunting and inexpressibly beautiful production. And from Osipova, a most extraordinary translation of feeling into movement.

  6. Sahlen responded on 21 January 2014 at 3:50am Reply

    This is not a comment on the first night - but I have just seen Sarah Lamb (Jan 20th) and thought she gave a beautiful, detailed and deeply moving debut as Giselle.

  7. Lauren Cuthbertson was a graceful and beautiful Giselle at yesterday's matinee. Best 'mad scene' I've seen and second Act brought me to tears. Spellbinding. All cast, Corps, music excellent. Worth being trapped on Waterloo station for 6hours due to fallen trees on line. Did not get home to Dorset till 2.45am!

  8. John Douglas responded on 27 January 2014 at 10:32pm Reply

    Have just witnessed probably THE most amazing performance of Giselle ever. Such dancing and emotion; thank God for the Cine cast system. Absolute MAGIC in every aspect of the performance; Brilliant.

  9. Jacqui Booth responded on 27 January 2014 at 10:51pm Reply

    Best performance ever. Just watched Giselle at my local cinema & it was a marvellous production, Natalia Osipova has to be the best dancer I have ever seen. She made it all look effortless, she floated, hardly needed Carlos Acosta to assist with the lifts. I have been to the ROH many times but the live cinema experience was great with the additional behind scenes information. Loved it all, thank you.

  10. Jean field responded on 27 January 2014 at 11:08pm Reply

    Have just watched a live streaming of Giselle here in Devon. wonderful idea. Osipova was incredible. Totally ethereal in act two and a very convincing shy peasant girl in act one. A very special dancer.

  11. Yvonne L. Des Lauriers responded on 28 January 2014 at 6:47am Reply

    Dear ROH Ballet,
    I just came home from seeing Giselle at the Cinnemark theater in Lancaster, California. If your intention was to thrill, captivate, and inspire generations to come, then you succeeded. You keep raising the bar on excellence in dance. Thank for a superlative experience. Sincerely,
    Yvonne L. Des Lauriers

  12. Natalia and Carlos were stunning as always but the Corps were the best I have ever seen them. Truly the best in the world ! This was my first Giselle and I do not believe that it could be danced better. Simply enchanting and magical. We are booked to see the wonderful Natalia and Carlos in Sleeping Beauty in April. Can't wait !!

  13. Trevor Keene responded on 2 February 2014 at 8:35am Reply

    ATTN: Mr Ross Macgibbon: Screen Director for Giselle: We saw the broadcast of Giselle on 27 01 14 at Cineworld in Solihull, England. Brilliant! World Class! We were spellbound. Thank you. We will definitely go again.

    I was not going to bother, but this is an observation I am sure you would wish to know about: We sat 2 rows from the rear of the cinema, in the centre. We both perceived "noises off", high & to our right-rear. My hearing is not good, but my wife's is 100%. We were both convinced that the noise was in the transmission & not local. It should be apparent in the recording.

    It was as if someone was slapping a small stick, side on, onto a table close to a microphone. Orchestra pit, maybe? It happened a number of times. It detracted somewhat from what would have been an otherwise faultless evening. The actual sound repro was superb and the efforts you went to make us feel as though we were actually in Covent Garden worked extremely well. We came out on a real high. (Not stopped talking about it yet). Thank you & regards, Trevor Keene

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