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Your reaction: Chroma/The Human Seasons/The Rite of Spring

What did you think of The Royal Ballet's Mixed Programme?

By Chris Shipman (Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media)

11 November 2013 at 10.45am | 12 Comments

Your comments about Chroma...

Your comments about The Human Seasons...

Your comments about The Rite of Spring...

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What did you think of The Royal Ballet's Mixed Programme?

Chroma/New Wayne McGregor/Carbon Life runs 10–19 November 2016. Tickets are currently available.

By Chris Shipman (Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media)

11 November 2013 at 10.45am

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This article has 12 comments

  1. Karen responded on 11 November 2013 at 5:26pm Reply

    Chroma and Rite were as compelling and thrilling as ever (I'm afraid I don't get why critics are so sniffy about the latter). Has the very ending of Rite been changed? It seemed to be staged differently, reducing the power of the final climax to me. More like a party bump than the apotheosis of human sacrifice but maybe I'm imaginging it!
    Though I had looked forward to a new piece by Dawson I'm afraid it didn''t deliver for me. Muddled (to the point of messy), incoherent and the running/dragging/jumping began to feel like a demented gym lesson with much that felt a shade derivative. One breathtaking moment from Underwood/Hamilton (underused) was not enough to compensate.Neither the costumes nor the set helped. Having said that I hope RB keep faith and commission more from Dawson. He has done great work elsewhere so perhaps as he comes to understand the dancers' strengths better he will create something closer to the standard he has achieved before. I am seeing this programme again in couple of weeks with a different cast so whilst I doubt my view will change it will at least be an opportunity to see what if any difference, a second viewing makes.

  2. Sanja Cvetkovic responded on 11 November 2013 at 8:00pm Reply

    Came along for The rite of Spring, ended up loving CHROMA. Stunningly beautiful!

  3. Off to see triple on Thursday...very disappointed in FT review - CC shouldn't be allowed near anything that's not Ashton or MacMillan!

  4. Christine Landman responded on 12 November 2013 at 7:52pm Reply

    This wonderful mixed programme was a delight.
    Each piece very different. Chroma was beautiful, costumes stunning. Human Seasons set brilliant. Rite of Spring took my breath away. Dancers interpreted Stravinsky's piece with pace and energy. Sitting next to
    A chap who normally attended for the Opera. Was his first visit for ballet. He loved it.

    and full of energy. Sitting next to a chap who normally came for the opera. He loved it, his first ballet.

  5. nick byrne responded on 14 November 2013 at 2:47pm Reply

    Really like the Dawson. Amazing commitment from dancers - would really like to see it again. Fantastic! Chroma was good - again terrific dancing but I really prefer Wayne's later stuff now and cant stand some of the music when it strays into "classical pop" territory. Rite is a modern classic - I know - but not my favourite MacMillan. Good to recognise the half century of existence, but let it sleep for a decade and commission a new version.

  6. Robin Smith responded on 14 November 2013 at 4:17pm Reply

    The Human Seasons was a revelation to me and my first experience of David Dawson's choreography. I found the flow and virtuosity of the dancing quite extraordinary and very beautiful. I will most definitely be seeking out his work in the future.

    Having been to the Dress Rehearsal in the afternoon it was a delight to see all the dancers in such fine form and really go for it at the evening performance -exceptional. Good to see Marianela Nunez fully recovered after what appeared to be a heavy fall at the afternoon performance.

    The music by Greg Haines is modern, melodic and accessible and certainly the equal of Joby Talbot/Jack White's score for Chroma.

  7. I'm not a great ballet fan but I thoroughly enjoyed this....the 1st 2 ballets particularly.. excellent dancing costumes etc. & great music by 2 composers I've never heard of..
    I've.never seen "The Rite" on stage although I know (& love) the music inside out. My only criticism would be the dance to death didn't have a real sense of climax on stage which the music suggests.

  8. I as stunned Chroma was breathtaking and the pace and pulse of Rite of a Spring a great theatrical experience.

  9. I totally loved and enjoyed the extreme beauty of Dawson's Human Seasons. It was at moments gentle, passionate, kind, frantic... but above all, precious. All the pas a deux work flowing like water. The part when one of the ballerinas (not sure if it was Marianela or someone else, don't remember) was taken and hold passing from hands to hands with such a care and fluidity. Maybe I am wrong but for me it felt like a declaration of love for humanity. Music and choreography melt together in a beautifully haunting piece.

    Chroma and The Rite I have watched them before, and all together for me It is an excellent triple bill you must see.

  10. Denise responded on 24 November 2013 at 5:14pm Reply

    Stunning production.

    Enjoyed all three ballets enormously.
    Vital exciting choreograpy

  11. Olivier nice france responded on 3 December 2013 at 8:02pm Reply

    I have enjoyed so much Chroma,and the human seasons, Great chorégraphie,beautiful music , and the dancers were so good '. After these ´ i must say some disappointment with the rite of spring,nice costumes and paintings, but the quality of the dancers and the émotion les impressive.

  12. patricia selvaggi responded on 17 December 2013 at 9:29am Reply

    loved Chroma and the new Dawson....wish Infra had been a part of it rather than Rite–––I like it but am a bit tired of seeing it.....

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