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Your Reaction: Ashton Mixed Programme

Tweets from the opening night of The Royal Ballet's programme of works by Frederick Ashton.

By Chris Shipman (Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media)

13 February 2013 at 11.08am | 3 Comments

Your Reaction: Ashton Mixed Programme

Tweets from the opening night of The Royal Ballet's programme of works by Frederick Ashton.

Storified by Royal Opera House· Wed, Feb 13 2013 03:07:18

A selection of your tweets...
Had a great evening @RoyalOperaHouse #ROHashton mixed bill was amazing!!!Kate Alford
Polunin/Rojo felt like the main event tonight in #ROHashton, superb. La Valse, interesting if a little tamer than I was expecting.David Chadwick
@RoyalOperaHouse La Valse was my favourite tonight, the male dancers specifically were so in time -amazing to watch #ROHashtonEmma West
Valeri Hristov and Leanne Benjamin in 'Méditation' from Thaïs © ROH/Tristram Kenton, 2013Royal Opera House Covent Garden
@RoyalOperaHouse #ROHashton Alexander Campbell and Yuhui Choe stole the showJenny Taylor
Yesterday, Judith and I were in different shows. Margarite and Armand saved the night while Monotones is just monotonous.Ballet Enthusiast
#ROHashton Voices of Spring was favourite tonight, @ACampbell_RB and Choe were sublime!allie.duthie
Artists of The Royal Ballet in La Valse © ROH/Johan Persson, 2010Royal Opera House Covent Garden
Really enjoyed #ROHAshton tonight - Sergei's lines & Tamara's expressions were both incredible, but didn't love M&A as a piece (vs. Onegin).Tom Oxenham
#rohashton NO WORDS BUT ALL THE CAPSLOCK. Or: oh my holy Leanne Benjamin. Meditation from Thais = exquisite. (I cried)Nellie
I just can say "Tamara and Sergei were stunning!" But all dancers did absolutely well in #ROHashton ;) love the programmes.Nanami Ui
Alexander Campbell and Yuhui Choe in Voices of Spring © ROH/Tristram Kenton, 2013Royal Opera House Covent Garden
#rohashton Voices of Spring a charming and delightful vehicle for Yuhui Choe and Alexander Campbell with smiles that could power the cityNellie
Felt like a lot of dancing was on the R side tonight @RoyalOperaHouse. Not so good for those of us with slightly restricted seats #ROHAshtonVicky P
Whatever Sergei's cloak-swishing tendencies, you cannot deny he throws a good strop on stage #ROHAshtonVampire Soup
Edward Watson, Marianela Nunez and Federico Bonelli in Monotones II © ROH/Tristram Kenton, 2013Royal Opera House Covent Garden
Gorgeous mixed bill @RoyalOperaHouse. Highlight was the joyful Voices of Spring pd2. Choe/Camphell were a breath of fresh air.Leena Hassan
Oh how the @RoyalOperaHouse stage had missed Tamara and Sergei! Already looking forward to seeing them again on the 21st! #ROHashtonFryni Panayidou
Wonderful Ashton mixed bill @RoyalOperaHouse tonight. Rojo & Polunin beautiful in Marguerite & Armand. Monotones & Voices Of Spring also aceRachel Souhami
What the press thought...
Marguerite and Armand, Royal Ballet, Sergei Polunin + Tamara Rojo, review - TelegraphIn January 2012, Sergei Polunin, one of the most exciting male dancers of his generation, dramatically walked out of the Royal Ballet, am...
La Valse/ Monotones/ Marguerite & Armand, Royal Ballet | Dance reviews, news & interviews | The Arts Deskby Judith Flanders Wednesday, 13 February 2013 Stark grace and heroic simplicity: Edward Watson, Marianela Nuñez, Federico Bonelli in Mon...

What did you think of the Ashton Mixed Programme?

This Mixed Programme is staged with generous philanthropic support from Lady Ashcroft, Marina Hobson MBE and Lindsay and Sarah Tomlinson.

This article has 3 comments

  1. Peter Martindale responded on 13 February 2013 at 11:15pm Reply

    if you were a football club you would have signed them up with an offer they couldn't refuse

  2. Richard Davis responded on 20 February 2013 at 7:21pm Reply

    Seen this programme twice and back again on the 21st.Highlight for me is seeing Tamara Rojo back dancing Marguerite but everything on the bill is hugely enjoyable.10 out of 10.

  3. Terry Carch responded on 23 February 2013 at 6:18pm Reply

    I have seen the Royal Ballet at the Old Met and Lincoln Center in New York City. I just loved watching the Royal Ballet in person back then,yes to Baletenthstest,you`r right Monotones is definately montinusly a bore!

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