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Watch: Members of the cast and creative team on The Sleeping Beauty

Another chance to see the backstage films screened as part of our 2014 live cinema relay.

By Lottie Butler (Former Assistant Content Producer (News and Social Media))

19 March 2014 at 9.25pm | 7 Comments

The Royal Ballet's The Sleeping Beauty, starring Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae, was relayed live in cinemas across the world on 19 March as part of our Live Cinema Season 2013/14.

The relay featured backstage films offering an exclusive glimpse behind-the-scenes with members of the cast and creative team. In case you missed them, or just want to find out more about The Royal Ballet classic, here they are again:

Re-awakening The Sleeping Beauty

When the Royal Opera House stopped performances during World War II, it was Oliver Messel’s production of The Sleeping Beauty that was selected to re-open the theatre in 1946; a fairytale based around the re-awakening of a Princess, it was the ideal production to mark the opening of the theatre. The opening night, starring Margot Fonteyn and Robert Helpmann, was a tremendous success and the production remains a signature piece for The Royal Ballet. Find out more from Former Director of The Royal Ballet Monica Mason, Senior Teacher and Répétiteur to the Principal Artists Alexander Agadzhanov, Head of ROH Collections Francesca Franchi, and members of the cast about why The Sleeping Beauty holds such a special place in the repertory:

Rehearsing The Sleeping Beauty

Set to a passionate score by Tchaikovsky, The Sleeping Beauty contains many memorable moments; the Rose Adagio, in which Princess Aurora performs eight very exposed and challenging unsupported balances, has become one of the most famous set-pieces in ballet. ‘One of the most difficult parts of dancing Aurora is the stamina, particularly in Act One,’ says Sarah Lamb, who is performing the lead role. ‘It is both a technical challenge and an artistic challenge.’ Find out more about the challenges of the choreography from Sarah, Steven McRae, Alexander Agadzhanov and Monica Mason:

The Royal Opera House Cinema Season relays our performances to over 1,000 cinemas in 40 countries around the world. Upcoming productions in the 2013/14 Cinema Season include The Winter’s Tale and Manon Lescaut


This article has 7 comments

  1. Oggie Weldon responded on 20 March 2014 at 10:24am Reply


  2. I when to see Sleeping Beauty at our local cinema in Ploermel last night, filmed live from the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, and there was Kristen McNally playing Carabosse the bad fairy, it was an amazing production. Kristen as one of Jane's friends from a young age, and often came to our house. Her family must be very proud of her, as well as Miss Elizabeth, who taught them both to dance, Kristen had the talent from an early age.
    Well done xx

  3. Nanouk Pelen responded on 20 March 2014 at 1:22pm Reply

    We watched the live transmission of Sleeping Beauty last night in Carpentras, France. Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae's performances were stunning! Also loved the excellent intro and interval films - such a bonus to get so much background information. As usual, a big thank you to the ROH fora delightful evening!

  4. Erica responded on 20 March 2014 at 2:49pm Reply

    I wrote on the other comments site to say how much I enjoyed last night's relay but I have just seen the photo above of Carabosse and the rats. I had no idea she and the rats had so much colour in their costume. Would I have seen this had I been in the Opera House or was because I saw a satellite transmission.? I did actually think the screen was a wee bit dark.

    • Ros Davis responded on 23 March 2014 at 9:58pm

      I have been to all the RB live broadcasts, and even in Wimbledon Odeon they are always darker than when I go to the ROH. It does sometimes rather spoil the performance. We have mentioned it before but no comment or change.

  5. Alexa Sturrock responded on 21 March 2014 at 2:35pm Reply

    I thought Steven McRae and Kristen McNally's performances were extremely good and up to standard. So was Cattalabutte, although I couldn't decide whether it was a male or female playing the role! Whatever, she/he was excellent, acted the part and threw him/herself into the role, The bluebirds were, thankfully, superb, I don't like to say, but I thought Sarah Lamb was not up to it - disappointing, as were quite a lot of the cast and standard of dance, Has everyone followed Tamara Rojo to the English National? I am 72 and been a constant ballet fan, seen practically every 'Sleeping Beauty' performed; but I think this was one of the worst productions and quality of dance ever, I am say.

  6. Tony Houghton responded on 21 March 2014 at 5:21pm Reply

    I went to the Regal Cinema In Aliso Viejo California, Sleeping Beauty was Magnificent. The movie theartre was nearly full, which also pleased me, as I think more people should see wonderful Ballets & Operas on Screen.Sarah Lamb & Steven Mc rae were superb, my favourite part is the Rose Adagio, but it all was so beautiful, I was a dancer in UK in the 60s & 70s mostly Pantomimes & Musicals. Next life i want to be a very good Classical male dancer. I adore Classical Ballet. I have lived here in Ca for nearly 37 years. Please give us more on screen ballet.Will be seeing Gillian Murphy & Cory Stearns on Saturday dance Giselle.Thank you so much once again for Beautiful Dance. Love to the Raoyal Ballet Company & School.XXXooo

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