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Twitter Opera: Where Are We Now?

By Royal Opera House

14 August 2009 at 12.44pm | Comment on this article

To be precise, we are at the very start of Act 4, which opens with Helga deciding to leave all these birds / boys / birdboys alone, so that she can be serious in a convent.

Just beforehand, William has turned into a bird, the Fish Sword has started to speak and we have had a brief glimpse at the kingdom of the birds (Umberworld, for some unfathomable reason). There is a hint of a new character (Corbin the Raven, who commands a flight of birds).

The big questions for Act 4 are: What on earth is going to happen to Helga? Will the convent allow her to get on with some serious biochemistry or will it be full of conversational crows? Will William turn back into a human or will he suddenly discover that he's King of the Birds and the ruler of all he surveys in Umberworld? Will someone introduce a really decent, three-dimensional female character (please?)? The choice is yours...

Act 3, Scene 1

Hans tries and fails to rescue William, and finds himself relegated to Umberworld: Kingdom of the Birds, where everything is very iron and magnesium rich as well as being a funny shade of browny-yellow.

Helga, slaving away in her laboratory, finds herself suddenly overwhelmed by the fumes of the potion and collapses to the floor. We see her thoughts writ large, and witness her despair.

Meanwhile - in Aerie - Corbin the raven galvanises a flight of birds to go to Sweet William's aid.

Act 3, Scene 2

William looks desolate from the tower window. "Now I am just a speck of light / Only a spark in time / Now it's a mere piece of dust / This empty life of mine".

The Basement Cat is heard from beyond the grave, inspiring William to carry on. Suddenly William is transformed into a bird.

Act 3, Scene 3

The sword regains it power and speak to Hans: "You are me / And I am you". Hans outstretches his arms and William flies towards him - into his arms.

Act 4, Scene 1

Helga realises that boys and birds are getting in the way of her life's work and retires to a convent, to benefit from the superior facilities.

By Royal Opera House

14 August 2009 at 12.44pm

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