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Twitter Opera: The Line-by-Line Libretto So Far, plus Controversy! Controversy!

By Royal Opera House

9 August 2009 at 11.09am | Comment on this article

So, what on earth has happened to the story? Despite a mild breeze of controversy (see today's Independent on Sunday ), the storyline has ground to something of a halt - mostly because no one knows what's going on. So here we are, line-by-line-by-line:

"A small bird twitters over there, He sings without a single care, If only we could be so free, Without the worries and the ...

concerns of a nihilist. I would bring you flowers, but they would die. I would love you, but, why?

The bird responded, "Flowers they are strange to me, The fruits of nature that I see, Are worms and seeds and cats and rats -

"Nuts, i love hazelnuts." Bang! The bird dropped from the sky, dead, its tiny wings were frozen.

he woman looks at the bird sadly, she is confused: "William, I'm not sure where this is going for us"

'Darling, I must tell you. I can't stand you - no, stronger. You are a horse. And now escape is what I long for.'

She sighed, "Why am I standing here, listening you sing to a bird? I have my career as a biochemist to be getting on with."

Both leave the stage. Suddenly the bird awakes and is joined by other birds in a noisy chorus that marks real start of the opera.

and why should birds sing here: when all else dies, our food is dust, and rage destroys the city? They bring false hope with song

As she said that, a warm tear dropped from her cheek on2 the frozen wings, thawing them. With a flutter, the bird slowly came 2

the woman turns and walks away and william can see her holding hand with the strange man watching them from afar...

I'm sure it's not an omen. But is Hans is the one for you? The civil partnership is at noon. You don't have to say "I do"

a woman has needs too; Hans, you, can anyone on the Board really do? Give me time to think as I watch the menagerie siiiinng.....

"we seem to float blindly like two rafts in the fog, I've been trying to reach you, trying to reach you, trying to tell you.."

With a clap of thunder and flash of lightning a dark storm silences the birdsong as William takes the stage.

(Enter in Gustav) What a merry day for a stroll.....what's this? A lover's quarrel, hahaha. The world spins forward to her doom

A large ginger cat appears and snatches the bird away from William's sight. "You are the cat and i am the bird" he responds.

(Gustav mutters to himself) .... (yelling) Hey you two! Quit with this cherade and embrace each other...

"but the distance between us is psychological - not physical or intellectual. And what's happened toooooo the ginger cat?"

Our love is like a storm cloud. A mighty storm cloud. A storm cloud, a storm cloud, a storm cloud!' He sang in a lusty baritone.

"and we but riders on the storm"

The stage goes to black

Still in park. Her, shivering with coffee: I'm so cold- let's leave Boston. Him: Anywhere! Around the world India, then Egypt!

"..France or Spain, anywhere but heeerre.. so long as in my arms you stay. In the poorest city I dont care so long as your neear"

"In the Serengeti, at night with mosquito net. Our love will last forever; Lovers of Legend - the natives won't foorgetttttt"

"forget! forget! the natives won't forget! Lovers, mysterious in the mosquito net!!"

There are Gypsies up the road and they have nowhere to go. What should we do? What can we do?

Hans: 'Glimmer, hope, happiness in her eyes, her heart belongs to someone else, for me she doesn't care'...

The Ginger cat speaks to William "I was once yours,and hers, but taken away - that is the cause of your dismay; all isnt lost

perhaps a pinch of smelling salts will bring her round to seeing me for who I really am, her one and only! Esmeralda!Smell this!

Esmeralda!', she wails (Soprano in despair). 'You don't even know my name', (everyone gasps-including the cat- :-D)

(They sing), 'her name, her name, he doesn't know her name.. that's why she's in the arms of many -isn't it a shame'

Tobemory the talking cat tells Hans how he can find his love William, who is being held in a tower by the birds.

By Royal Opera House

9 August 2009 at 11.09am

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