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Twitter Opera: Line-by-line Update

By Royal Opera House

11 August 2009 at 11.26am | 1 Comment

Oh good heavens. Things seem to have turned into rather extraordinary ee cummings-style prose poem ... I will try and summarise the latest twists and turns and pull together a story update as soon as possible, but for those people who would like to know EXACTLY where we're at, the last line as at 12:29 GMT is given below. Also, apologies to people who are contributing via @royaloperahouse, Facebook and blog comments - I will try to pull everything together, but it would be best if you could tweet to #youropera. Thank you!

Helga: I will mend his pots and pans (and keep sharp my fishsword) so that I go to Will my love and never let a bird his doorway darken

The fishsword & the swallows make way for love & build a home in the sky. For as our love is on high we r destined t'go a roaming

then a band of squirrels chimed in and it sounded something like this (fiddles) DA DA DA DA DA DA DAAAH DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DAH

"The North American passenger pigeon bloodline was finally resurrected with one drop of blood ..."

Alas though darkness is nigh the spirit is bright. Hence rise again amongst this blissful vision knowing yonder I will be free

And thus William thought of the answer to escape! Hundreds of birds could lift him as a whale out of the water!

when the cape is worn the wearer becomes invisable.

Ginger cat: "But hark, doth the dog in the distance know how to build a ladder of cats and birds to set him free."

alas he darkened the door like a murder of crows making their way across the twilight sky. He entered, bloody, tear stained and..

Numbers build the world, words speak life into it, said the bird.

then a band of squirrels chimed in and it sounded something like this (fiddles) DA DA DA DA DA DA DAAAH DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DAH

sadly said the dog in the distance cats and birds don't mix but get the number of birds right and lift should be achieved easily.

I'm all of a twitter, I will speak to the birds, speak to the birds/ /yes speak to the birds, but without using using words

A bird in the bush is worth two in the hand/ but you must use a language that they'll understand

Not just about talking, but listening too - to each cheep or tweet or twit towoo

Talk to the birds without uttering a word, by singing in birdsong, you'll always be heard.

If you chat with a dove, remember to to coo, and they will answer you.

Cat suggests looking in Northern China, near the Korean peninsula.

william reflects deeply on simpler times - when humans and birds could talk, understand. He dreams of his youth

Impress any cockerel by crowing at dawn, when you see a jackdaw, don't forget how to caw.

And soon shall he, the cur, bestow his knowledge unto you, that you can build the height machine, and set him free!"

Geese only hiss when theyre in a bad mood, if you hiss at them they will think you quite rude.

I shalln't roll over and die, but how to escape? Grow my hair very long, or exploit the Launch Escape Tower?

Don't bother with small talk, you don't really need it, there's one thing to do if you want birds to heed it - sing, sing sing!

...but on the way she saw two dead crows lying on the side of the road and her heart sank to terrible new lows, she loved crows

Now that the singer is gone, where will my songs come from?

Helga sings "William or Hans, which should I marry? Do William and Hans love each other more than me?"

Helga cont "Perhaps we should abandon the nuclear family! William and Hans, a menage a trois we'll be"

Helga in lab, tests her potion on chorus. "Breathe deep the fumes of my biological magical experiement"...

"Can you decypher the twittering of the birds?" Chorus tries to translate. "Fish! Antelope! Superman! and Hedgehog!"

"We three, how happy we could be, if we abandon the nuclear family. William, Hans, when will you free, (cont)

Helga "We three, how happy we could be, if we abandon the nuclear family. William, Hans, when will you free, (cont)

Helga, cont... "and when will the birds speak to me?"

cat- : oh little birdy why cant you see that you're not suspecting me? dont turn your back or food you'll be...

"Find your love in dreams," said the birds.

"After all, it could have been worse - but this thinking does not help me today."

Jax visits house, fills bags of rubbish, sells stuff on eBay, clears garden, paints walls, sells house then retires.

William. a bendybus, a high speed train, a bicyle - anything will do to escape this tower or I'll get a parking ticket

“I am the Prince with the velvet sack carrying birdseed to the fair Frau Helga!” He spies shapely legs poking from yonder window.

The Cat: "For I have a name as well as a Curse, to know of all this suffering. I wish I had no curse, and no name."

The sword in the Mount of Banality where all the triviality in the world distracts the seeker.

By Royal Opera House

11 August 2009 at 11.26am

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  1. franceska33 responded on 11 August 2009 at 11:49pm Reply

    and then the royal nut came and sat on a hill filled with cream stuffing and raising his fingers to his lips he shushed the wind that was whispering through the trees and hailed a cab, lickety-split!

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