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Twitter Opera: Latest line-by-line update

By Royal Opera House

14 August 2009 at 12.01pm | Comment on this article

Nutella!, Nutella! ... bring me my Nutella!

Hans declares that the sword is not as powerful as his devotion to William - he breaks down the door.

Hans runs up the spiral staircase to resue his love, carrying the fishsword which is still lifeless

This vile liquid destroys the language we form together. To understand the birds one must give up love and coherence and grammar.

Hans, fueled with supernatural fervour, ascends bravely. He reaches the final door, but it is made of steel...

Birds may fly so high,I wish the sky Will cry&wipe my tears For she's no more here by my side,I long to break her last goodbye

the woman with no name sits in the lab and begins to make a potion. As the chemicals combine they knock her to the ground.

We now see the inner thoughts of the woman with no name. As she lies unconscious on the floor.

Yo! roars Hans. 1000 tweets soar. Fishsword reverberates - spills out white fire. Door shatters and reality shifts. Umberworld!

Birds may fly so high,I wish the sky Will cry&wipe my tears For she's no more here by my side,I long to break her last goodbye

Hans in Umberworld - where birds are the dominant species and man is ornamental... He staggers...

Hearing William's lament within his steel prison, Hans sinks to his knees. But wait...a voice in the darkness (Helga?)

a breeze whips then whirls, carrying both birds & squirrels, whispering to Will "I have the answer & it is blowing in the wind"

as the woman w/no name sits in her laboratory reeling in shame for her potion, powerless does remain ~ here comes the wind again.

The wind to Will: "be not a nit-twit, but twitter with wit for then thy words will ride on the wind & lift the wings of tweeters.

tweeters join the swirl, sending the wind to the girl; w/gentle wings they flutter by, wiping the tears and ending the cry; sigh.

A cry! And then another! Stillness.

Silence is broken. You can clearly hear a tweet. Obviously this is not a bird!

And all of a sudden those wishful thoughts gained form,and turned into a huge and solid cloud.The power of many tweeting the same

Woman-with-no-name (or: Helga; or...) works on her potion. And starts thinking about ... herself:

A drop, a drop, a pinch of some this / Then some more stirring / And a spoon full of mist

A moment of stillness before the dawn, reflect and contemplate, then celebrate and dance the dawning of another day.

The potion will be / William’s salvation / ... / And tears for me.

Is my heart not there? / In my chest alone? / Is my life not worth it? / The touch of his care? /

Am I to be / ... / For ever just me?

Shall I give voice to the aves above? / Or speak to me? About my own true love? /

Oh, Hans forgive! / Oh, Hans, please see! / I can either save William / ... / Or I can save me.

ALS, your time has come and gone. The cure is your undoing. Now we live & you die!

Ginger cat circles the tower looking for a way to help William escape. Suddenly, he is distracted as a rabbit runs past him.

Chorus: "kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit"

The rabbit: "My life is worth more than a passing fancy, I do not wish to be death's fiancee." The cat laughs.

I wish there was a potionTHAT shakes Helgas emotionAND get her by this towerAND forget all the wabbit did to her morals Downunder

I SEEM to BE the prisoner BUT Helgas secret quest last year, LEFT us all in unsolved trouble, Wabbit skin hides true evil...

YEEEAAAAAAARGH EEEEeeeeeeee! (Sung to the tune of Ring of Nibelung by Wagner)

The cats – ceiling & basement – speak to William in his dreams:C-Cat: Don’t you see? / You had a choice!

B-Cat: Don’t you see? / You had a voice! - Both: Killing that bird has been your demise!

Both (cont.) Your life is over / over and gone. The birds have tweeted. It’s all in their song!

Stop your heart’s beating / Stop your fight / There is no more meaning / Your end is in sight.

C-Cat: Look how he lies in that nest of despair... / Look how he still wishes... -- B-Cat: Not to lie there.

Both (fading away as William awakes): And yet...

The sweet girl wept silently, as the sheer power of the dumpsterfire engulfed not just he possessions, but her spirit as well

Wliiam: Helga, the failed Fish Sword can only be saved by the poison of the fish blow. The sack of poison from your Fugu.

William: Helga, the failed Fish Sword can only be saved by the poison of the fish blow. The sack of poison from your Fugu.

The cats appear to William. "Hans will arrive soon. You must seek out the Two Jacks. They will lead you to the 'Balm of Bray'"

William: Helga, the failed Fish Sword can only be replaced by the poison of the Fish Blow. The sack of poison from your Fugu.

In the nearby Aerie, Corbin the raven addresses the gathered corvidae: "The flock protecting Sweet William has been killed, ..."

".. and we must find a way to go and protect him from the haunts in the tower, and not be killed ourselves, as that would .."

".. do no good. Now, Rook Chorniy, please advise us."

In the darkness the birds flew away. Several bats flew in. The bats flew in. The cat spied the bats, but the bats flew high.

"No one knows the agony"

"What's in a name? That which we call a bird by any other name would sound as tweet."

Ah, tweet sorrow. Ah tweet life of mine."

Cat: The fishsword will not speak to bird / until the cry of seagull's heard

Cat: To stormy cove you must repair / and seek the stormy petrel's lair

Hans: Oh Lord! These steep and slickery stones must be a way to Williams. I want to be a bird. Flying singing to the top.

"But, no", she decides, "one deviation does not a disaster make. My potion shall put this aright."

Far away the sound of bells.

We must prepare with the raven's dance of doom. (cue pantomime!)

This vile potion and strange dance marry must to make these mortal chains return to dust

No, I don't think I will kiss you - that's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how.

For the Cat hath morlocked thy name, and revenge must follow

audienceman gets up jumps on stage "blow this off fair maiden for a frappacinco, and leave these two, to find loves small window"

and thy sword has grown to the size of a Halibut

the Cat "thows kingdom has become a dumpster fire, for all curses have come to fruition"

and Helgas desire has grown to the size of a Halibut, to be quenched only by thee found by computer love

Helga sings "I cannot cheat my heart, for the one i desire, back to your seat serander"

Cat walks over to serander "I can make fulfill loves long desire, to kill both hans william you shall meet this desire"

Sometimes you just have to burn all your bridges and just swim across the river.

Cat walks over to serander "I can make and fulfill loves long desire, to kill both hans and william you shall meet this desire"

would say "Sometimes you just have to burn all your bridges and just swim across the river" as one bird carried a match.

"Life or death?" Who asked this question. A ghost? A stranger behind these bushes?

when they came back he had left like the wind blowing out the last candle.

the sun hides behind clouds/afraid of shining on shadows/that's where i'll hide my longings and sorrows/our secret darkness

No one notices the Wabbit, sneaking into to Helgas lab, Pouring black liquid into the boiling potions uncared cup...

Will this dark unsacred actWILL change THEpotions good effect?Once THEbirds DOtaste their share..HANs sing SOLO:Wish I wereTHERE!

song (deriv) Iris: "Twitter and be fey, Let us seize the day Here we are let's dance, We must take a chance in the tweet ballet."

"Twitter and be fey, We must seize the day; Here we are in London town, Girl and boys and birds around, in such a tiny plot."

The desert has no master and that's like life without the laughter here I go watch as I fade away!!!

"Twitter and be gay, We have parts to play: We are come from cyberspace, To chill on Covent Garden's place O isn't it so droll."

the desert has no master and thats like life without the laughter here I go watch as I fade away

Williams looks at the sun setting far from his tower – a distant jot of orange, tiny as a needle’s pin. - Content with his fate:

When last I saw his face / The universe was me / When last he spoke my name / I was all I was to ever be /

Now I am just a speck of light / only a spark in time / Now it’s a mere piece of dust / this empty life of mine /

A bringer of death / betraying my one true love / I have to pay the price / And be with Him above /

Oh... let me let go of me / Please... life! / Let me be / Let me be with angels now.

William steps up to the edge of the tower, closes his eyes, prepares to jump...

Up to no good: B-Cat: Boooooored! :( / Damn it! / I is dead, that’s why! / No mice to bite! No hunt to ride! /

Damn it! / Damn it! / Damn it! / I is dead, that’s I! / Curiousity kills a cat / Dead! / Ey! That’s no lie! Look at me...

I is dead! Oh, my, oh my! / And yet / livin’ or dead / fun can still be had / And I don’t mind. / Cause, I is dead. That’s why!

C-Cat: Cheer up! Our prey still lies within our claws. We will not let his struggling pause.

William closes his eyes, steps into the air, and beings to fall...

... and is transformed into a bird!

C-Cat & B-Cat: You cannot escape us / Our power is too great / Death is too easy / See your new fate!

(Bird William doesn't yet know how to use his new wings, and flutters confusedly before landing on the ground.)

(But he is now noticed by Ginger Cat!)

Hans (from a tower window): Fly, dear William! Fly to me! Otherwise his prey you'll be!

William: All I wish to do is to soar in the sky, to stretch my new wings, rise up and fly!

And William was bold and lived with no fear or regret, as seen above, story checks out.

Cat: Can I assist you, William? Or should this opera be retired?

(Earlier...) Hans, in the forest, lays down the (apparently useless) sword, looks around him. Wonders... Sings...:

When I die / will I / become nothing at all? / When I die / what will I be? / Will I become / next a fly / when I die? /

Or a tall tree? / What will I be? /Could I be / a butterfly / When I die? / When I die / what will become of me? /

What will become of me.../ When I die / will I be / never more? / Will I be gone? / A soul forelorn? / Am I just ... me?

Where will I be?!! / Are we one / or are we not? / What’s our lot? / Why can’t I see? / Oh, why can’t I see? ...

Suddenly, the sword 'awakens' and:

Yes! Hans! Why not indeed!? / Oh, my Hans, you know it all! / Every little bit! /

You’re just too dumb / to connect the dots / you stupid, foolish git! / You are me. / And I was you. / And all of us is us. /

And William’s dead / if you don’t move it now / your freckin’, blumin’ ass!

Why look to the heavens when they are blind to our plight?

I never loved her as a person. I just loved her for her looks. It is a sad realization that all men must come to.

a flash from the sword streaks towards William and he is surrounded by light.

William soars into the air, his wings strong and sure. He flies towards Hans, his arms outstretched

As they fall, we will rise, but why? Just for nothing?

"Once again, you stole from us

The cats burts into a duet as William rises, the melody mimicking William`s flight as they lament the loss of their prey

Helga realises that boys and birds are just a distraction in the life of a serious biochemist. She vows to become a nun.

"In nunneries, I have found / The provision of laboratories / Is superior to universities / I will leave these boys to play ..."

"... with swords / And birds and bees / Squirrels and cats / For I have serious business to enact."

By Royal Opera House

14 August 2009 at 12.01pm

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