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Twitter Opera: Day Two

By Royal Opera House

4 August 2009 at 5.04pm | Comment on this article

So, we're less than 24 hours in to the great Twitter Opera experiment and the storyline is unfolding nicely. While I wouldn't want to prejudice anything, it looks like there's not-very-cosy a ménage à trois and some avian unrest. We have an (as-yet unnamed) woman, someone called William who sings to the birds and a strange brooding figure called Hans. They're in Covent Garden, but where next? Well, off to the civil partnership actually. But can they get there on time? Only you can decide. And please carry on tweeting as the story depends on you.

Anyway, in other news, much excitement today in the shape of an endorsement from @IvorBolton - we're all looking forward to seeing a contribution from him very shortly!

**Update - sorry, having some problems getting the comments to work so I've reposted this. Hopefully they're there now.**

By Royal Opera House

4 August 2009 at 5.04pm

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