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Twitter Opera: Acts 4 and 5 in summary

By Royal Opera House

18 August 2009 at 10.13am | Comment on this article

Act 4, Scene 1

Helga realises that boys and birds are getting in the way of her life’s work and retires to a convent, to benefit from the superior facilities.

Act 4, Scene 2

Helga settles into the convent (which happens to be in Bolivia); after discussing matters with a Stern Nun, she discovers that Corbin, King of the Birds, is not to be trusted and has meddled in the love affairs of others.

Act 4, Scene 3

Helga goes to the Chapel with Stern Nun and the Mother Superior; they find the body of the Basement Cat and Helga is told that he is powerful and can assist her. A divine presence begins to descend, heralded by the song of a million penguins. Meanwhile. Helga plans to introduce Basement Cat to William, in the hope that he may be restored as a man. She is deep in thought and sings an aria that reflects her deep longing and unrequited love.

On the horizon, we catch a glimpse of William, arriving at the Balm of Bray.

Act Four, Scene Four

Helga has a revelatory moment; if she can find a bush with two birds in it, all will be well. She sets off on a pilgrimage, wearing her famous purple raincoat, with the body of Basement Cat in her bag and her chemistry set beneath her arm.

Act Five, Scene One

Hans and William are at the Balm of Bray; Hans is feeding birdseed to William and wondering how he can restore his humanity.

Act Five, Scene Two

The spirit of Basement Cat has remained in the Chapel. The divine descending presence is revealed to be Ceiling Cat who delivers a pious aria, singing that "My passion for good cannot let you go."

Act Five, Scene Three

We see Helga on her pilgrimage, listening to the sad songs of Nutella, the opera singer/femme fatale, on her iPod and wallowing in her unrequited love. Perhaps through the power of the Basement Cat, she has realised that she must go to the Balm of Bray - perhaps she will find a bird-filled bush there?

She also recalls a moment at the convent, when she noticed a mysterious woman who appears to have a secret. Who was she? What is she hiding?

Act Five, Scene Four

Helga arrives at the Balm of Bray, where there is (conveniently) a porter called Wilfred at the gate; he tells her that the bird-man and his lover are in the square, but there is much unhappiness due to an accident with the sandwiches.

to be continued...


By Royal Opera House

18 August 2009 at 10.13am

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