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Twitter Opera: Act Two

By Royal Opera House

12 August 2009 at 7.40pm | Comment on this article

Scene One

Hans, wearing an invisibility cape, manages to climb to the top of the tower that William is imprisoned in. However, when he gets to the top, he jumps off and is rescued by a group of itinerant Circus Folk. Meanwhile, Helga is busy at the laboratory, ruminating upon conflict and desire.

Scene Two

The Birds consider their plight. Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat briefly fuse into a single entity, and then all the birds die. The grief tears the two cats apart, and Basement Cat drinks the potion that Helga/Esmerelda intended to give to the Birds. He dies.

Scene Three

Hans goes in search of his missing Fish Sword and, while wandering in the forest, is overwhelmed by the voice of Helga/Esmerelda, prophesying that William will die. Tobermory, apparently having seen the error of his ways, encourages Hans to save William, humankind and all the "beasts and aves" - but as Hans embarks upon his heroic mission, it becomes clear that the magical Fish Sword will not help him. He begs Helga for her potion.

By Royal Opera House

12 August 2009 at 7.40pm

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