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  • Twitter Opera: Act 1, Scene 2 draws to a close on a tower-hanger

Twitter Opera: Act 1, Scene 2 draws to a close on a tower-hanger

By Royal Opera House

10 August 2009 at 8.11pm | Comment on this article

Helga: "mathematics is the symphony of the universe"

"Look in the hash tags, fair Hans!" twitters a passing myna bird. "William's safety rests secretly among pound signs.

Helga sat confused staring at the mathematical symbols, "what am I to do, this Pi is just making me hungry!?"

A beast with three melting clock heads appears- guardian of the fish sword- and tells Hans he must answer a riddle to get it.

"it sounds like a scale but has none ... say it three times"

Hans spies Helga seated alone and suspects she may be able to assist him to solve the riddle

Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat appear by the side of Ginger Cat locked in a struggle for his soul.

Cat suggests that Hans seek the help of Gustav the artist, from the Surrealist Gypsy Village, to paint a sword.

From the tower William sees everything. 360 degrees. present future past. Overwhelmed, he seems to witness a vision of Iris's future

the sword has been stolen by a cunning superfly bird named marvin,who wants to be the saviour and let the smug cat meet his death

the cat tries to bargain with Hans, for tasty morsels "i will distract the bird for you while you try to rescue William"

William, sees that there’s an escape route down the outside of the tower, but is woefully afraid of heights.

W: "I could be free, and yet I fear my safety. I am not keen to traverse down this wall!"

Chorus: He is not keen to traverse down this wall, for fear he’ll fall, from off this wall!

W: I should be keen for free I’d be! Ch: He is not keen. W: But I’d be free.

Ch. Yes he’d be free. Is William keen? He could be free.

William believes he has also seen Hans plotting to kill him but the flood of visions is confusing ,horrible, he cannot be sure.

"When I gave my heart to Will he said a fishsword could let go the swallows & I will go to my man Wherever he goes I will follow"

Cat: William needs to start thinking about attempting to escape. He is no Rapunzel. And Hans is no rescuer, he just has a cape!

'es tweet mir lied', said the birds.

By Royal Opera House

10 August 2009 at 8.11pm

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