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Articles tagged with "Strauss 150"

The A-Z of Richard Strauss: P is for Da Ponte

27 May 2014

The 18th century librettist-turned-New York grocer da Ponte wrote some of Strauss's favourite libretti, and in part inspired Elektra and Die Frau ohne Schatten.

The A–Z of Richard Strauss: I is for Intermezzo

7 April 2014

Strauss's eighth opera explores similar themes to Die Frau ohne Schatten, albeit in a lighter tone.

The A-Z of Richard Strauss: E is for Esel

11 March 2014

A donkey ('Esel' in German) was the leftfield subject of Strauss's comic final opera, Des Esels Schatten.

The A-Z of Richard Strauss: D is for Dresden

4 March 2014

The bombing of his favourite city in World War II left Strauss distraught and inspired one of his greatest final works.

The A-Z of Richard Strauss: A is for Pauline de Ahna

10 February 2014

Strauss's wife inspired some of the greatest roles he wrote.