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Articles tagged with "song"

L’Étoile Musical Highlight: ‘Ô petite étoile’

22 January 2016

Chabrier’s wonderful song of youthful dreaming makes history's neglect of the composer all the more surprising.

The A-Z of Richard Strauss: L is for Lieder

28 April 2014

Song works book-ended Strauss's career, with his first written aged 6 and his last aged 84.

What are the most difficult languages to sing in?

21 February 2013

To celebrate International Mother Language Day, we asked what languages you find it difficult to sing in.

Accessible Arias: Song to the Moon from Rusalka

27 January 2012

In the continuation of our aria-focused series, we take a look at the most famous piece from Dvořák's opera.