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RomeO2: never mind the hot dogs

By Royal Opera House

21 June 2011 at 3.19pm | Comment on this article

The Royal Ballet danced a unique production of Romeo and Juliet at The O2 arena this weekend, on the 17, 18 and 19 June. It was the first time the company had ever performed in a UK arena. An all-star cast danced the star-crossed lovers:  Carlos Acosta and Tamara Rojo (Friday and Sunday evening), Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg (Saturday evening), Edward Watson and Lauren Cuthbertson (Saturday matinee). There were capacity crowds to watch the famous ballet by Kenneth MacMillan. Here's a quick roundup of comment and reaction to this exceptional ballet event.


What the papers say

The Telegraph: 'a heartening, rousing triumph' [Review ]

 The Independent: Kenneth MacMillan’s famously impassioned duets keep their power. [Review]

The Guardian: Take ballet out of the opera house... [Review]

The Londonist: Released from the plush, gilt safety of the Royal Opera House... [ Review ]

The Arts Desk: inviting a new audience to experience the thrill of live ballet [Review]

The Ballet Bag: Behind the scenes, with pics of all the dancers backstage [ Read ]


Pick of the tweets

There were capacity crowds for every performance of Romeo and Juliet at The O2 - over 45,000 people. Many had their phones handy to tweet their reactions to the unique event. Here's a quick roundup of some of the feedback from the four performances.

Bennet76: Loving all the positive feedback from journo's re. #Romeo2. As I've said before, it was an unknown, was a risk, but we had to do it...

macmillanballet Last show at the O2 today - another amazing performance. Congrats again to @RaymondGubbay for having faith, backing and supporting KM's RJ

macmillanballet There were many doubters along the way...thanks to determination and perseverance and also KO'Hare's belief that it would work.

clouddancefest: "The secret is out. The Royal Ballet has some of the best dancers, and best actors, around" - Sarah Frater on #RomeO2

sarahp119: Really loved textures & evocative imagery in brilliant films by Balletboyz for #RomeO2. DVD please!

LuPiquero: After this balcony scene I really have no words (and that's difficult, believe me)! Jolina rock! #romeo2

theballetbag ...& the fill-in-the-gaps videos by the @balletboyz = very effective. This is EXACTLY what ballet needs! #RomeO2

LukeJennings1 #Romeo2 Re popcorn, walkouts, it's an arena not a theatre. V different deal. If we want that audience 4 ballet, it's 4 us 2 adapt not them.

lyndseywinship: real emotional impact at #royalballet#RomeO2 thx to close-ups of lovely Tamara. big up to the big screens - surprisingly effective

masthousemusic Last night's #RoyalBallet Romeo & Juliet at O2 Arena was a very powerful performance. Also liked the 'flying orchestra' !! #RomeO2

LukeJennings1 #Romeo2 Just back (travelled by river). The screens work well, esp for close-ups. Act 3 fabulous. Bravo Michael & Billy. And of course C & T

LukeJennings1: #Romeo2 The main thing though, the really mind-blowing thing, was seeing that sea of people - 10,000 of them - AT A BALLET!

slroh: On that note.... I'm out. It's up, it's going, its fabulous, it brought a tear. #Romeo2#RoyalBallet good night

may_kwok: Only gripe about #RomeO2. No free cast sheet available. Hmph. But otherwise loved it and think the #RoyalBallet should do O2 more often.

samanthamcc1#Romeo2 was a huge success tonight. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations to everyone involved!

clouddancefest: Looks like the O2 pretty much sold out tonight - huge congrats to all involved!! #RomeO2

TommyFranzen: Tamara & Carlos were amazing tonight. I haven't seen many ballets but that was the best by far for me @RoyalOperaHouse#RomeO2

Sharlie_angelRB lovers, we're weird. >12k people in the same venue and we still naturally bump into each other without arranging #RomeO2#balletmagnets

Sharlie_angel: And I mean PER-FEC-ION start to end. Except at curtain call when T&C fell bum first on the gravestone while bowing. #RomeO2

balletteachers: 8yo verdict "closeups are great to see their expressions and the kissing and stuff" #RomeO2

TommyFranzen:  The O2 is huge! First time watching a show here. The bedroom dance was amazing and so intense.

LauraAMitchell: Costumes to die for at #Romeo2. Some serious sashaying of silk and tulle.

chrisecurtis : was at #romeo2 kids performance this afternoon - stunning & epic. Really worked in the huge space 17 Jun

clarethurman: Fab first performance of #RomeO2 for 4000 kids. Great performances all round McRae/Marquez @tgw75 Paris, @balletboy09 Tybalt @Bennet76 Friar

libbycostello: Not sure who will be at ROH tonight - it looks like everyone has gone to the O2 for #RomeO2

By Royal Opera House

21 June 2011 at 3.19pm

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