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  • Q&A: Steven McRae on ballet vs tap, advice and his passion for motor racing

Q&A: Steven McRae on ballet vs tap, advice and his passion for motor racing

The Royal Ballet Principal answers your questions before upcoming performances in Jewels and The Nutcracker.

By Chris Shipman (Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media)

5 December 2013 at 12.59pm | 1 Comment

Ela Loska: Greetings from Poland! What made you choose a ballet career? Why ballet over tap dancing?

@live4music35: Do you get nervous when you go to stage? If you do, what's your measure for that?

@chemilans: Which role are you most at ease with, and which one makes you sometimes feel awkward?

@akikotyo: What are your dressing room essentials?

@artsworth How does the London dance scene compare to that of Sydney, your home city?

@mpjdancer: Congrats on your new degree! What would you like to do with it..?

Alyssa: Is it easier to act in a ballet where a character is laid out (like Romeo) or in contemporary ballet (like McGregor)?

Jeanyne: I am from Alabama where NASCAR is popular. I read that you are interested in motor racing. What kind do you watch?

@ryotaro11: What would you like to have if you can have one more talent except dancing?

Stephen Flaherty: Who is your favourite choreographer who you've worked with to create a new ballet?

@thesavyel: I really enjoyed 'Something Different' :) Have you worked on a new choreography?

@niftysheep: 'What tips do you have for a 22 year old late starter like me? :) (Started half a year ago)'

Steven McRae will be performing in The Royal Ballet's Jewels. Tickets are still available

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  1. A truly wonderful artist in every sense.

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