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Q&A: Send us your questions for Steven McRae

The Royal Ballet Principal will answer a selection of your questions live on Twitter on 4 December.

By Chris Shipman (Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media)

26 November 2013 at 12.15pm | 13 Comments

** Update: Read Steven's answers to your questions **

On Wednesday 4 December, Royal Ballet Principal Steven McRae will be joining us for a live Q&A on Twitter at 5pm (GMT).

What we’ll be asking him is up to you, so send us your questions via the comments area below or on Twitter using the hashtag #AskStevenMcRae. You might want to ask him about his favourite roles, how he prepares before taking to the stage, or his thoughts on George Balanchine's Jewels – the work he's soon to perform with The Royal Ballet.

Steven has held the rank of Principal since 2009 and joined the Company in 2003. Born and raised in Sydney, his father was a drag racer and Steven retains a strong interest in motor racing. He began dancing at the age of seven after becoming interested in his older sister's dance classes and studied tap alongside ballet. This training has often been used by choreographers creating new works on him, such as the role of the Mad Hatter in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In the coming Season he’s due to perform in The Nutcracker, Jewels, Giselle, Hansel and Gretel and The Sleeping Beauty, among others.

We’ll ask Steven a selection of your questions via the Royal Ballet from 5pm on the day, so make sure you follow us on Twitter before then. Recent Q&As include ‘twinterviews’ with The Royal Ballet’s Marianela Nunez and Thiago SoaresGary AvisYuhui Choe and Lauren Cuthbertson, as well as singers Joyce DiDonatoErmonela Jaho and John Tomlinson.

What would you like to ask Steven McRae?

By Chris Shipman (Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media)

26 November 2013 at 12.15pm

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This article has 13 comments

  1. Lucy McCaul responded on 26 November 2013 at 2:51pm Reply

    Are there any roles you haven't danced yet that you would particularly like to perform?

  2. Please tell me you fancy showcasing more of your fantastic tap dancing skills outside of a ballet piece? I would love to see some pure tap maybe as part of an associates lone venture outside of the house? as part of your lone venture!? as part of a live music evening? appearing with Darcey at christmas on Strictly in a Fred and Ginger number!!?... all of the above! I loved seeing your prix de lausanne piece 10yrs ago, is it true they have now removed tap as an option? such a shame if they felt they had to take that step. All dancers, dance followers, musical lovers, love tap,. love Astaire, love Gene, love the Nicholas brothers.... keep it up Steven! and if you don't any recommendations as to who is out there tip top tapping?

  3. Andrew Storm responded on 26 November 2013 at 10:53pm Reply

    What is the prep you go through in the few minutes before you about to go on stage, around controlling nerves?



  4. That hair! Wonderful fiery red; worthy of odes; and because of it we'd spot him in any crowd, anywhere. And even without it we'd spot him in any crowd of dancers, because he's one of the greatest dancers in the world, with a distinctive style all his own.
    But, my question is silly, and about his hair: is it his natural colour?

  5. Hello. I am a 7 years old girl and am learning ballet. I saw your tap dancing when you performed in Kamakura in summer 2012 and since then am a big fan of yours!
    My questions are
    what kind of make up do you wear?
    what kind of practice do you do every day?
    do you do anything special to keep healthy --- like food to ward off cold, for example?
    I am impatient to see you perform again so come to Tokyo soon!

  6. Jeanyne responded on 30 November 2013 at 5:00am Reply

    Hi Steven! I am from the state of Alabama in the US where NASCAR racing is really popular. I read that you are interested in motor racing. What kind of auto racing do you watch? Have you ever driven a race car (or want to?) Does the RB company put restrictions on dangerous activities for its dancers? ...and what kind of car do you drive every day?

  7. Matthew Paluch responded on 2 December 2013 at 1:01pm Reply

    Is there any aspect of your dancing you would describe as characteristically Australian?

  8. Amy responded on 2 December 2013 at 7:31pm Reply

    Hi Im a big fan of yours,and i know being in the royal ballet must be hard work, but do you think its possible for a 15 year old girl to be able to get into the royal ballet, or is it too late?

  9. Hi!
    Greetings from Warsaw, Poland.
    I want to ask what made you choose ballet career. Especially what decided, that you chose ballet over tap dancing? (I saw few YouTube film of you tap-dancing as a child - even then you was brilliant).

  10. Christina responded on 4 December 2013 at 11:29am Reply

    Hi Steven! How can we achieve those perfect beats that you pull off in live performances? Your beats are always so clear, precise and properly executed!

  11. Alyssa responded on 4 December 2013 at 1:08pm Reply


    Is it easier for you to act in a ballet where the character is already laid out for you (such as Romeo - you got to act sad/angry when Mercutio is killed by Tybalt) or in contemporary ballet (like McGregor - where your facial expression doesn't have to be a certain way)?

    Alyssa G.

  12. How does it feel to be one of the best dancers in the world?

  13. Ioly de karly responded on 7 June 2014 at 12:41am Reply

    Congratulations to one of the most beautiful couples in the world!
    Do not know if I could put here, but I did not know where I'm talking very happy for him and Elizabeth and the baby is yet to come!

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