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OperaShots: Nitin Sawhney's 'Entanglement'

By Royal Opera House

10 March 2010 at 3.24pm | Comment on this article

Ernst Schrödinger’s hypothetical cat. A box, a radioactive substance to trigger poisonous gas. A 50% survival chance. Dead or alive. A superposition. Dead and alive at once, until... the box is opened and the cat observed. Two realities entangle. That of the cat, that of the observer. An outcome. The collapse of a single probability.

A pregnancy test. A 50% chance of human existence. An anxious woman. The tiny fragment of time that precedes entanglement. The moment where all possibility is suspended. A multiverse of entangled possibility waiting to be observed; to become a single outcome.

Entanglement is a new opera sung by five women with six musicians using ancient Vedic mathematics and accelerating tempo curves based on Newtonian calculus.

So far one workshop, a logic program and a lot of sleepless nights ....

By Royal Opera House

10 March 2010 at 3.24pm

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