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  • BBC Four to broadcast Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci on 12 June 2016

BBC Four to broadcast Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci on 12 June 2016

'Pappano’s Italian Double Bill at the Royal House' will see the TV premiere of Damiano Michieletto's award-winning production of Mascagani and Leoncavallo's operas.

By Rose Slavin (Former Assistant Content Producer)

9 June 2016 at 9.29pm | 6 Comments

BBC Four will broadcast Damiano Michieletto’s award-winning Royal Opera production of Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci on 12 June 2016 from 7pm BST.

Pappano’s Italian Double Bill at the Royal House sees Music Director of the Royal Opera Antonio Pappano conducting the Orchestra of the Royal Opera and was recorded in December 2015, when the performance was relayed live to cinemas worldwide.

Michieletto sets Pietro Mascagni and Ruggero Leoncavallo’s operas in late-20th century southern Italy. Both operas are set in the same village, gripped by poverty and hypocrisy and the production sees characters from each work interact with the other counterpart piece.

The production features a world-class cast including Aleksandrs AntonenkoCarmen Giannattasio and Eva-Maria Westbroek and won the Best New Opera Production at the Oliver Awards 2016.

Please note broadcast schedules are subject to change.

The Royal Opera House and the BBC are partners. The programme is available on iPlayer for 30 days.

Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci is a co-production with Opera AustraliaLa Monnaie, Brussels, and The Göteborg Opera, and is given with generous philanthropic support from the Royal Opera House Endowment Fund.

By Rose Slavin (Former Assistant Content Producer)

9 June 2016 at 9.29pm

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This article has 6 comments

  1. Kevin Hawkes responded on 12 June 2016 at 8:06pm Reply

    Thank you for showing this amazing production on BBC4. What a treat and on the weekend we are celebrating HM the Queen's 90th birthday! A perfect end to the festivities and well done to all involved

  2. IVA BOROVANSKA responded on 12 June 2016 at 8:09pm Reply

    Es kommt gar nichts trotz Registruierung =ist Cavaleria Rustucana online hwute den 12.6. free oder gar nicht ?

    • Mel Spencer (Senior Editor (Social Media)) responded on 13 June 2016 at 1:19pm

      Hi Iva,

      Yes, this broadcast was free for UK viewers of BBC Four, and through the BBC iPlayer catch up service.

      Kind regards,


  3. Joan Van Leeuwen responded on 12 June 2016 at 9:51pm Reply

    Just now watching the BBC4 broadcast of the Cav and Pag and trying not to look. Vocally and musically rather good but the production - oh dear!! Can anyone tell me please why verissimo needs to be so ugly. In many years of opera going the most grim, grubby and ghastly production ever. ENO did a similar dreadful double bill some years ago but I expect better from you at Covent Garden and at least you could actually see the horror of their production, unlike the dark and dreary travesty showing now. I can put a few pounds in the post to you for a couple of lightbulbs for any future productions of this ilk if that would help out.

    Hope poor old Zeffirelli is never subjected to the likes of this effort. May I suggest a viewing of his productions, verissimo but very beautiful indeed.....

    Broadcast almost at an end now and still listening and taking a quick peek now and then but still having to look away!! Which school pantomime did you borrow the awful set from may I ask. Utterly dreary and dreadful productions and too "clever" for me. I remain in ignorance I suppose.

  4. Chas Burrows responded on 13 June 2016 at 6:00pm Reply

    What on Earth made anyone think that an Easter play and an August play could be a few seemless hours apart? The audio was quite good but the sets and entwined characters was a no brainer ans an insult to art.

  5. Piero Mattei responded on 15 June 2016 at 1:00pm Reply

    We heartily agree with Joan Van Leeuwen, regarding the sets. They were bad news and we would add that to portray Our Lady as a finger-pointing, judgemental creature, is thoroughly offensive. This needs an explanation.
    Where we disagree with the writer, is that we were horrified by the toneless, tuneless and seemingly inaccurate singing of the two male leads, especially the tenor, who, constantly, sounded sharp. Both of them appeared to shout their way through. We have no criticism of the female characters. They were not earth-shattering, but then we feel there were no leads to inspire them. No quibble with the orchestra – they were terrific, as they always are.
    Listen to the singers of yesterday – too many examples to list (weren’t we lucky to have them?) and rekindle a love, knowledge and dedication that made them great.

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