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A Vision Realised...

By Royal Opera House

2 November 2009 at 1.38pm | Comment on this article

I was lucky enough to visit the Cass Sculpture Foundation, in the stunning environs of Goodwood, on Friday. The Foundation, the vision of Wilfred Cass CBE and his wife Jeanette,  is a charitable organisation which operates by way of a rigorous commissioning process. Approximately 20 new monumental works, predominantly by contemporary British sculptors, are produced annually.

The visit was to help our project team with its thinking about our strategy to commission and place artworks on the ROH Production Park site. The idea is to create a sense of place and add to the experience for visitors, who might even use the works to navigate their way around the park and through its history.

We want to opbtain the best art we can and ensure that our local community loves it as much as visitors to the park. Much more to come on this. meanwhile you can get inspired at

By Royal Opera House

2 November 2009 at 1.38pm

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