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2010/11 Season highlights

We look back at some of your favourites of the 2010/11 season.

By Royal Opera House

19 July 2011 at 3.19pm | Comment on this article

It's the end of the Season and time for a little light reflection. So, yesterday we posed the question on Facebook and Twitter:

What was your single favourite 2010/11 production?

Your Opera picks:

  • Kaufmann and Gheorghiu’s partnerships in Tosca and Adriana Lecouvreur were a top standout for many.
  • Keenlyside and Monastryrska’s murderous couple in Macbeth also left audiences in awe.
  • Anna Nicole was applauded for its ‘trashiness and Eva-Maria Westbroek’.
  • Top trouser parts: Nina Stemme in Fidelio and Alice Coote in Cendrillon.
  • The best baddy? Bryn Terfel’s Scarpia in Tosca.
  • Surprise new entries? The Tsar’s Bride and Niobe, for excellence of ‘production, singers and orchestra’.
  • Most uplifting? Surely, Cendrillon which cast a spell on many a seasoned opera.

Your Ballet picks

  • MacMillan’s Manon had audiences on tenterhooks (and in tears), on the main stage, and on the BP Big Screens. There was high praise and affection for all the casts, especially Cojacaru/Kobburg (as seen on the BP screen), Rojo/Acosta and for the debut of Lamb/Pennefather.
  • The ‘sublime’ Giselle was also an emotional (and technical) high, with Nunez/Pennefather and Cojacaru/Kobburg.
  • By contrast, in Alice’s Adventures all ended happily (except for the Red Queen) and audiences loved its ‘magic, wit and invention’.

There were many more favourites, some of which are listed below, or see our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Thanks for all your contributions. Here’s to a long hot summer while we prepare for the 2011/12 Season!

Your Opera comments


  • @Williamtfox "Tosca by far and away a wonderful production"
  • @jsdhenderson "For sheer star power, glorious playing and conducting, Kaufmann on top form & Gheorghiu even better: has to be Tosca"
  • @Otoid "Peter Grimes for the best opera but for the singing performance and cast it has to be last night's Tosca!"
  • Theresa Magee "I really liked two 'breeches parts'-Nina Stemme as Fidelio and Alice Coote as Prince Charmante. But the absolute highlight has to be last Thursday's De Teum at the end of Act 1 of Tosca with Bryn Terfel singing Scarpia…and Jonas Kaufmann appearing topless at the start of Act 3!"
  • Amalaswintha Wolfsdorf "Tannhauser, Werther, Adriana Lecouvreur.. All absolutely amazing but dwarfed by last week's Tosca!"
  • Lucy McCaul "Can I have a tie between Macbeth and Tosca? Simon Keenlyside and Liudmyla Monastryrska were magnificent, as was the supporting cast. That would have been highlight enough, but last Thursday... Bryn Terfel and Jonas Kaufmann at the height of their powers, in my favourite opera... Arrg! I can't choose!"
  • Julia Eccles "Manon with Carlos or the sublime Giselle with Nunez, and the very very lyrical Madama Butterfly, which had the audience in tears, topped off with last night's most magnificent Tosca ever...actually this season was just great, all of the above were fabulous, thank you ROH."
  • @Common_like_you "Adriana Lecouvreur by Cilea. During many of Kaufmann and Gheorghiu's duets, the house was in collective awe."

Tannhäuser and Anna Nicole:

  • Matúš Benža "I loved both Tannhäuser and Anna Nicole... Tannhäuser for its music and atmospheric designs, Anna Nicole for its trashiness, pop cultural references and bitter finale. And both for Eva Maria Westbroek! :-]"
  • Nicky Targett "Anna Nicole all the way"


  • Annette Todd "Cendrillon without a doubt"
  • Alice Poulsen "Hands down ....... no contest: Cendrillon!! Both for production and for cast"

Macbeth and The Tsar's Bride:

  • Philip Carter "Macbeth, wonderful production and great singing from all the cast, personal highlight, Lady Macbeth's sleep walking scene, Verdi said that he wanted the voice to sound disembodied and Liudmyla Monastryrska did this perfectly and with a wonderful floated high D-flat at the end to cap it all"<
  • Evan Dickerson "Production and overall cast: The Tsar's Bride. Individual performance: Liudmyla Monastyrska's Lady Macbeth."
  • John Groves "The Tsar's Bride proved to be a superb opera - helped by a wonderful production, singers and orchestra"

Manon/Werther/Niobe/ Tannhäuser:

  • Raquel Acinas Martin "Definitely MANON!!!! With a wonderful Netrebko back in the role after her pregnacy, a gorgeous Grigolo whose voice makes an incredibly powerful and enchanting couple with Anna's, and above all... with Pappano The Genius!!! Never in my whole life had I heard such a rich, wise, amazing conduction of Massenet's masterpiece. It was worth travelling from Madrid!!!"
  • Daniele Jacques "Werther was my favourite for the extraordinary prestation of Rolando Villazon."


  • Alison Classe "Niobe" was pretty memorable - some great performances, a good-looking production and a work you don't see every day, to put it mildly. (Not quite sure where Steffani and his librettist were going with the plot, but never mind.) More Thomas Hengelbrock & co please!"
  • Janek Karro "Tannhäuser and Niobe were both spectacular productions for their amazing music, great stage design and, of course, singing. Many thanks!"

Your Ballet comments


  • @Booshkla "Has to be Manon with Alina and Johan! I cried for 30 mins straight! Such a beautiful partnership on and off stage! Amazing"
    Sarah Vincent "Manon, Acosta and Rojo. Pure class and perfection"
  • Julia Eccles "Manon with Carlos or the sublime Giselle with Nunez, and the very very lyrical Madama Butterfly, which had the audience in tears, topped off with last night's most magnificent Tosca ever...actually this season was just great, all of the above were fabulous, thank you ROH."
  • Dave Morgan "Giselle with Alina Cojocaru/Johan Kobborg (the matinee show in Feb - astonishing), and their Manon shown in Trafalgar Square transfixed 6000 people out of doors. Also Manon with Sarah Lamb/Rupert Pennefather made me gasp in awe."
  • Mercedes Lyon "Manon with Cojocaru and Kobborg was the best thing ever seen by my eyes at covent garden"
  • Linda Uruchurtu "Cojocaru/Kobborg Giselle & Manon. Extraordinary performances."
  • Julia Eccles "Manon with Carlos or the sublime Giselle with Nunez

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

  • @Breakastring "Alice in Wonderland! Absolutely loved it. It was charming, witty, inventive. The music was wonderful and the dancing superb"
  • Michael Woodside "On the ballet side, the opening night of Alice's Adventures had a magical quality, in terms of the dancing, fabulous production and Joby Talbot's witty score."
  • Conal Grealis "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was my favourite - it shows that the Royal Ballet can be fun and innovative and I think it's a fantastic addition to the repertory. I think it was also good for bringing in a new audience to the Opera House. In terms of individual performance, I would say Ed Watson in The Rite of Spring because I have never seen anyone dance quite like that. He is incredible!

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