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Royal Opera House Bridge invests in research that helps identify local need and provision, explorers new models and initiatives and creates a valuable knowledge base for all professionals working in the arts and education sector. We also provide opportunities for professionals to connect, share learning and be inspired by experts from a range of disciplines and backgrounds.

National Arts, Creative and Cultural Education Survey - July 2020 - Summary of Findings

As a response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Bridge England Network initiated a National School Survey. The purpose of this survey was to gather indicative information from schools about the potential needs and creative aspirations for their pupils from autumn 2020 onwards. The aim was to identify how Bridges and the cultural sector might best support schools moving forward. It was distributed in the last two weeks of the academic year, in a very challenging school term, to gather the most relevant information. Bridge England Network is hugely grateful to those educators who were able to find the time to respond.

Please find the full report here.

ROH bridge National survey logos
ROH bridge National survey logos

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  • Royal Opera House Bridge Annual Review 2013/14 End of Year Review 2013-14 (2.5MB) The second annual review of Royal Opera House Bridge
  • Bridgefest / You Ask We Answer  - Final Report Bridgefest Research (850KB PDF) A peer-led consultation with people aged 11 – 19, exploring their ideas and views about arts and culture in the region Lucie Fitton, Head of Engagement, The Audience Agency
  • 'Artsmakers Snakes & Ladders' - Ways to integrate arts and culture in learning Artsmakers Handout (5MB PDF) A playful look at simple things we can do and things to avoid when leading on cultural learning in schools. (Designed to be printed on both sides at A3) Illustrations by Ayesha L Rubio

A selection of documents and reports reflecting the work of ROH Bridge.

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