Inside Opera: Why Does It Matter?

How does opera work? How has it changed over 400 years? And most importantly, is opera relevant today?

Explore these questions with this free online course taking you behind opera’s velvet curtain, brought to you by King’s College London, the V&A Museum and the Royal Opera House. If you’ve never been to an opera, or assumed it’s just not for you, you’ll learn the basics in a new and exciting way. And if you already enjoy opera and want to learn more, this course will enrich your future experiences and help you to develop a toolkit of operatic concepts to draw on long after you have finished the course.

Dr Flora Willson of King’s College London will take us on a four-week journey exploring the world of opera, touching upon its 400-year history, its sometimes-controversial relationship to politics and society, and to question opera’s continuing relevance in the 21st century. Join the conversation at #FLinsideopera and register today at