Live Stream FAQs

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about ROH live streams. For any questions not answered here, please get in contact through our contact form.

How can I find out what the ROH is streaming and when?

Details of future streams are publicized via our social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, as well as in the live stream area of our News and Features section.

We’d recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel. That way you will receive notifications about new live streams and video uploads directly to your inbox.

Is there a charge?

At present, there is no charge to watch an ROH live stream.

How can I watch an ROH live stream?

Live streams can be watched via a number of internet-connected devices, including mobiles, tablets, desktop PCs, laptops and Smart TVs. Using your device, navigate to - we always link to live streams from our homepage during an event. Alternatively, if your device can run apps, you can search for ‘Royal Opera House' in the YouTube app. See further details about how to watch via a Smart TV.

Do check mobile browsing costs if you are using a 3G/4G connection as you may be charged if you are not using cabled internet access or Wi-Fi.

How can I get help if I have a problem with a live stream?

If you are experiencing technical problems (distorted sound or picture, for example), contact us on Twitter @RoyalOperaHouse or Facebook. You can also contact us by email, but please be aware that you will receive a more immediate response via social media.

Why might I be having a problem watching a live stream?

  • Certain territories around the world block live streams via YouTube. View a full list of countries blocking YouTube. Some of these territories will allow you to watch on-demand content and only restrict live relays.
  • If you have a slow internet connection you may not be able to stream material smoothly.

Can I watch a live stream after the event?

This depends on the event and the associated rights that need to be cleared. Live performances may be available to watch on-demand in full on YouTube after the event for a set period of time. Behind-the-scenes events such as ROH Insights will either be posted in full or as highlights in perpetuity.