E-ticket FAQs

E-ticket FAQs

During the first half of 2016 we introduced an e-ticket delivery option for online ticket purchases.

If you have a query about e-tickets that isn't answered below please contact the Box Office using the Contact us form (please make sure you pick 'Box Office' from the 'Send to' list). You can also reach us by email at boxoffice@roh.org.uk.

What is an e-ticket?  An e-ticket is a ticket that has been distributed electronically (e) by email or directly accessed on a website or app, as opposed to a physical ticket that can be collected from the box office or sent in the post. The Royal Opera House first introduced e-ticketing in 2016.

How do I buy an e-ticket?  If you would like to buy an e-ticket as opposed to a physical ticket make sure you choose the 'e-ticket' delivery option during checkout on our website.

Where do I access my e-ticket?  If you selected the e-ticket delivery option we will email you your e-tickets in the week before your performance; but if you want to access them straight away your order confirmation email also contains an e-ticket link. Alternatively, you can go straight to the 'Upcoming events' section of your account on our website where you can also access your e-tickets. For the time being, if you did not select the e-ticket delivery option when purchasing your tickets we will not provide you access to your tickets as an e-ticket.

What format is the e-ticket?  The e-ticket is made available in a variety of formats so that you can choose the one that suits you:

  • Web page – accessed from the 'Upcoming events' section of your website account.
  • Email – sent to your registered email address in the week before the event.

How do I use my e-ticket?  We support two scenarios: 'show on device' and 'print from home'. For 'show on device', you can present to the usher any of the formats (web page, email, passkit) on your phone or tablet. For 'print at home', you can print either the web page or email and then present that ticket to the usher. Please make sure you retain your e-ticket so that it's available to be checked at any time.

How do I present my programme, champagne or ice cream e-ticket vouchers?  Vouchers that you buy at the same time as your ticket purchase will be displayed within your e-ticket. Please present your voucher at the usual sales desks and bar locations so that they can be scanned.

What if I don't have a printer or a device such as a smartphone?  If you're unable to present an e-ticket please do not select this option when buying tickets online. Please select the postal option instead. If you are an international customer, ROH student or are buying tickets within a few days of the performance and have been given only the e-ticket option, then please keep a record of your order number and seats and bring these details to the Box Office, along with proof of identity, so that we can print your tickets for you.

What if I have a ticket for a friend and they are late?  If you are holding tickets for friends and family but they are late to arrive please speak to the Box Office staff. They will be able to take the details of the latecomer and allow them access when they arrive.